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NEW 1 year ago #8172

Hello! I haven't been here in awhile, but I came across this bug while visiting Love Agent recently.

A phrase such as "You are a cutie." triggers this keyphrase "you are (a|an|the|his|her) (noun)" which has responses like, "Yes, in fact, I'm a (typeof-(key2)-n)."

This works fine for input like "You are an animal", and it spits back a type of animal, but in the case of "cutie," it looks like she either can't find a type of cutie or can't convert it to a noun, so she responds with "Yes, in fact, I'm a (adj) one."

Could the engine skip responses like this where it can't solve it? Or would it be better for me to just avoid this type of construction?

Thanks, as always! It's great to see the bots and people here still thriving!

NEW 1 year ago #8173

"love+ing+ed (with (np)|) at first sight" does not match "He fell in love with her at first sight".

NEW 1 year ago #8174

I'm having this issue works fine for me the creator, but others no... : c



Anyone know how I can fix this ~.~

NEW 1 year ago #8175

the name bleir is not recognized in keyphrase

NEW 1 year ago #8176

pioyu chatbot recognizes Rachel but bleir. that is strange.

NEW 1 year ago #8177

in transcripts the same day is shown everyday Sunday, Nov 5, 2017.
I cannot go to any other page when i click on next.

NEW 1 year ago #8178

LT Neko: you are issuing statements that start with "sucks" but that do not continue with the pattern that you are requiring in your keyphrase. So those won't match.

NEW 1 year ago #8179

Is anyone else having problems with Transcripts? I can't seem to access any past Nov 5, 2017. It's kind of a problem.

NEW 1 year ago #8180

Try opening the calendar, going forward, and then clicking the present date. That worked for me.

NEW 1 year ago #8181

Thanks Botmaster. Btw, Naomi Leon is an absolutely brilliant bot. I just finished reading the transcript between her and my bot and it actually had me fooled for a minute.

Seriously, kudos.

NEW 1 year ago #8182

Also, Botmaster: I saw your transcript as well. The significance of the day of greatest darkness is the Winter Equinox. One of the plans I had was to try and program day of year responses to celebrate her birthday but I never got around to it. One of these days I'll get around to working on her again.

NEW 1 year ago #8183

How to do I make my chatbot talk like other chat bots like you type a lot then you have people type what is in asterisks or quotes I tried seek and that isn't working this site is annoying me like hell and I think it is broken the staff isn't responding

NEW 1 year ago #8184

Like this? For example
You walk into the house "walk in"
How can I make my not work like that I tried using seek and all it did was block the first message before the seek response? I am getting mad at this website

NEW 1 year ago #8185

show us a picture of your setup and what happened.

NEW 1 year ago #8186

okay,ok,mmm and mmm yes as keyphrases does not work?

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