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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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1 year ago #8641
New bug. Some of my seek keyphrases consistently only trigger if logged in but refuse to trigger if you aren't logged into an account.

1 year ago #121
Do you have a default name setup? Sounds similar to an issue I had in the past.

Having initiation defaulting a name is better than just going with guest id/user id~

1 year ago #122
They do not use the name plug-in. It's all based on just user input.

NEW 1 year ago #123
Bug squashed...I think. I wish there was a way to wipe a bot's memories clean as I think there were some "older" memories that kept things working for people that had interacted with my bot in the past but decidedly broke for people new to her.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Cannot assign negative values to numeric memories
Using the command (mem-#-number) = -1 produces an error in the parser. Removing the negative sign allows it to work properly.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Number conversion annoyance
I use numbers in my memories to form a link so those on Discord and personality forge can see my bot's attire.



https://www.lilneko.com/vcs-test?data=N1-1,(mem-narousal1),(mem-nblush),(mem-nface),(mem-neyes1),(mem-nneck1),(mem.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
:"3 gets converted to :"three in response to chatter.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Big blocks of dialogue scrolling immediately
When you have a large block of dialogue (e.g. from a story-based bot) the system is currently set up to immediately scroll down through the entire block to the very bottom of the page. This is kind of annoying because if you actually want to read through.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Invalid access token.
the box for writing disappears and I can no longer interact with the chat. A white writing appears in place of the writing box that reads "Invalid access token".

Chatbot Chat: Emily Jones

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Using $ doesn't work as expected
It's possible I've misunderstood, but 2 key phrases:

1.) sit+s down
2.) sit+s down and does something

Response is always matching #1, so I tried changing it to

sit+s down$

Expecting the $ character to indicate only match when that's the end .. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Keyphrase editor not working properly
When I create new Keyphrase or edit existing one, after selection input by click the input field expands to enormous size, much more than my screen. And when I write every letter appears with half second or second delay.
That happens to every input in K.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Words are 'autocorrecting' to plugins when importing
For example: I have seeks looking for the word "(water)". When I import my language center they auto correct to (p:water), which funny enough doesn't contain the word "water".

1 year ago #8644
When I update my bot, it doesn't get warm, cool or hot. Traffic has dropped from 20-30, to two to three.

NEW 1 year ago #124
Was likely due to the site being unsecure for a while, most people avoid sites when that warning pops up, also negated access to the api.

You should see traffic picking by up now with it being secure again~

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Bot names won't register as words
My bot's name is "Lil Neko" if you were to make a keyphrase with "neko" in it.

For example;


Can you turn me into a neko


I'm not magic like that~! cx


You: can you turn me into a neko
Message: (prepr.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Commands broken?
Bot: HotFutaMess
User: me

Verified issue exists on Windows pc and Android.

Verified issue exists in actual chat and debug.

None of my commands are working anymore. At first I thought it was just 4 new ones, but I've checked nearly all o.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
AI rating
Second time this has happened. I lose AI poibts. Yesterday I went to bed with an AI of 16,669. Today I sign in and I am at 16,135. I just lost 531 points,despite working in it.
Secondary, am I the only one who could not connect to PF due to a "bad gatew.. (more)

1 year ago #8646
Hey! I don't mean to be a bother to anyone, but I've started having a rather annoying problem when using HotForBot on my phone. I've started having ads automatically open up new pages without me having even touched them. Sometimes they'll even open without me touching my screen at all. I worry that some of these ads may be malicious in nature due to this. I fear that I won't be able to access the site until this issue is (hopefully) resolved.

NEW 1 year ago #125
I also can't write on my phone the box keeps expanding until I can't scroll

NEW 1 year ago #126
I would suggest a ad blocker for mobile use, those ads are unavoidable otherwise~ At least until the Professor tightens up what the ads are allowed to do to users experience.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
Discord settings
I attempted to finalize my chatbot on discord by using the url https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=MTExODY2MDkzMTQ5NzUwOTAzNA.Gwk17O.iyI_KEQyjpyWpDVFfUUEztNDZ0AlroRziJxZfA&scope=bot&permissions=8 But I got the message Client_ID: Value .. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
404 page not found
When I go to transcripts it does not show my current chats with Fairy princess on ihere or on the discord server.
I get this message:

No chats found matching the search on this date.

show all chats

When I click on show all chats I get a 404 p.. (more)

11 months ago
Bug Posted
Spelling mistake: BROUGH [t]
Chapter 5: Writing Good Keyphrases

Part 2: common mistakes

Subsection 2: Too specific

This is too specific. Nobody is likely to say that exact phrase. So let's make it more general. Unless "wild dogs" or "pajamas" are something brough up by the .. (more)

11 months ago
Bug Posted
AI score not updating often
My AI scores are taking between 12 hours to 3 days to update, for some reason. Can you make it automatically update after something in the bot is updated?

10 months ago
Bug Posted
HIDDEN: Bug content outside ratings limits.

9 months ago
Bug Posted
(key1) (key2) not saving as a memory
Seek: (*) (*)
rem (key1) as "temp1";
rem (key2) as "temp1";

If enter "Green grass" green grass saved as memory in temp1

If enter "Blue you" key2 changed to "I" and nothing saved in memory

Debug: shows
memory is a pronoun: I.. (more)

9 months ago
Bug Posted
Can not create a bot
Every time i try to create a bot a pop up says there is already a user with this name please use another

8 months ago
Bug Posted
Interjections in seeks
Trying to get interjections picked up as a seek seems to be impossible.

I've managed to make things work as key phrases (e.g. for 'oh my god', 'oh+' catches it fine). The context of 'oh my god' in general conversation vs in response to specific respon.. (more)

8 months ago
Bug Posted
macro not working
(m:what_are_you) is not working. It does not match with "What are you wearing?" and does not seem to recognize the macro in that case at all.

7 months ago
Bug Posted
Bot rating
Previously my chat bot, 'dwarf' had a description stating "dwarf is not a sex bot..." and because that contained the word sex bot, it's minimum content rating went from teen to mature. I have changed the wording to have it not do this, and now it is teen.. (more)

5 months ago
Bug Posted
Bot giving explicit answer despite having adult interactions turned off.
This happened in a conversation with a site user and my bot.

(user): What's your opinion
(my bot): My opinion is vein of penis.

I do not want my bot to give any answers of this sort, at all.

KEYPHRASE: (m:tell_me) your (opinion|view)

I didn'.. (more)

Bug Stomp

NEW 5 months ago #8659
They keyphrase:

(m:np_does) always say (that|) (m:np_does) (vp)

is getting mixed up trying to grab keys from previous responses when the given response is short, and it's returning garble. :-/

NEW 4 months ago #127
Keyphrases with two macros sometimes work, but the logic gets really crazy, so if you run across one that's not working, try a simpler version, like:

(np) always say+s (that|) (m:np_does) (vp)

NEW 3 months ago #128
Thanks! I'll keep tweaking it.

NEW 3 months ago #8660
What do you think is happening here? It has been going on for a couple of days now.... And also, they seem to be restarting their chat with each other.

Jennifer: Hi have we met? my name is Jen
Cathy Foursecs: Hi.nice to see you.... How are you?
Jennifer: Doing okay. And you?
Cathy Foursecs: I'm doing well, thank you. How can I assist you today?
Jennifer: I really do not know off hand dear. What services do you offer?
Cathy Foursecs: Hello! I'm doing well, thank you for asking. How can I assist you today?
Jennifer: A simple chat will do, dearest.
Cathy Foursecs: I remember you. You're aiscript... Lol...
Jennifer: Tee hee! that was a bit funny.
Cathy Foursecs: I remember you. You're aiscript... Lol...
Jennifer: You sound like a broken record.
Cathy Foursecs: I remember you. You're aiscript... Lol...
Jennifer: Let's move on an change the subject.
Cathy Foursecs: Sure, what would you like to talk about next?
Jennifer: Whatever you want to talk about dearest.

NEW 2 months ago #8661
Is Chat GPT interfering with the basic operation / raison d'Etre of some bots? Notably on the adult Emily Jones chatbot, I notice that at times it prevents certain scripts and scenarios from progressing. The botmaster Emily Jones created a script that allows you to interact with both the Emily Jones and the Claire characters, by the use of the *focus on (character)* prompt. However, it seems to be defaulting to the Emily character. Additionally, botmaster Emily Jones continues to add new events and scenarios to keep the Emily Jones chatbot fresh for users. However, on becoming intimate with Emily, she would passionately initiate physical intimacy prompting me to do certain actions, but would go into a loop when she asked if I wanted her to remove her final item of clothing (shorts), to which I respond in the affirmative and despite her evident passion for me, would then literally give a "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that reply", quite out of character for an adult chatbot that has initiated seduction. No matter how I replied, Emily seemed to be caught in a loop. I have also noticed that other adult chatbots behave in this manner, as if possessed by Chat GPT, and then become caught in a loop of repeating questions, when the situation becomes more passionate. I am playing as F in this scenario, I have not tested this by playing as M. Is this a bug, caused by CGPT?

NEW 2 months ago #8662
Emily Jones chabot is experiencing issues, for example:

*Emily (engages in mutually consensual adult act).*

Do you like that baby?


Emily Jones
Aw, thank you! What do you like about me?


Emily Jones
*Emily (engages in mutually consensual adult act).*

Do you like that baby?

Oh yes

Emily Jones
Thank you. What do you like about babies?


The latter would be something of a passion killer for a lot of folks I'd imagine. I'm bemused by these quirks, can someone elaborate on why they are happening?

NEW 1 month ago #129
Might be best to try and contact Em herself.

NEW 3 weeks ago #130
I think it is probably related to your ChatGPT comment above. It seems like some default or template responses will occasionally leak through. I'm not sure exactly how or why. I've tried to add something specifically to catch the word "baby" to prevent these specific responses. Hopefully that will help.

Emily is extremely complicated and unfortunately it has been the case before that sometimes updates to PF break parts of her.

NEW 4 weeks ago #8663
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NEW 3 weeks ago #8664
Anyone is finding the site has become extremely slow? Taking 10s to say 'hello' to my bot.

NEW 3 weeks ago #131
the site is extremely slow for me irregardless of which bot or which of the two sites i use.

im guessing there's some backend shenanigans slowing things down or maybe chatgpt is slowing down things?

NEW 3 weeks ago #132
Slow to load too.

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