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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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2 years ago #8621
I tried to report a bug(when I try to unlink the master template or use the "guide me" link, I get a database error), and, upon trying to report the bug, I received a database error.

2 years ago #98
Thanks - I've fixed both of these issues.

2 years ago #8622
Trying to access page 0 of the Language Center gives an error "There was an error with this request" when using the dropdown menu.

If I type in 0 after "&page=" in the URL, then it works

2 years ago #97
Thanks for reporting this. I've fixed it. There shouldn't be a page 0 actually. So now the blank option does nothing, as intended.

2 years ago #99
So how would I find keyphrases beginning with a # or a number or something like that? I use them quite a lot for groups of responses that should be reachable only by goto or continue statements

2 years ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: cannot use time based responses for my chatbots
i cannot use time based responses for any of my chatbots.
this chrono: hour(8:00-19:59) or this chrono: hour(20:00-22:59);
chrono: hour(0:00-7:59) puts out this error when i click on the update keyphrase button.
Hour span is outside the range of 0 to .. (more)

2 years ago #8623
When I try to change the rank of a keyphrase, I get the message "there was an issue with a database query".

I had a similar problem with the old server too, but I reported it and it got fixed back there.

2 years ago #100
Thanks - fixed!

2 years ago #101
It's fixed now, thank you!

2 years ago #102
i cannot add keyphrases for the fun lady chatbot.

2 years ago #103
I was just fixing an issue that may have affected that. Try again now.

2 years ago #104
that worked but i still cannot use time based responses for my chatbots.

2 years ago #8624
Can not update memories!

2 years ago #105
On bots in hibernation

2 years ago #106
Hmm.. it's working for me. What happens when you try? Is there an error message? Or does it just not update?

2 years ago #8625
Is there any way to delete a numeric memory? I was trying to convert my main working memory variable from a regular memory to numeric and quickly realized it was going to be an absurdly long and difficult task so I reverted the changes. The bot seems to work fine, except for my particular account (and presumably anyone else trying to use her during this period), the long term memory still thinks this memory is numeric and there's no way to change it back that I can see... as a result, any time I try to test the bot it just crashes immediately.

[edit]Actually it would probably be very useful to have some sort of method for a bot to forget users (or even all users) and be able to start from scratch. I occasionally have observed situations in my chats where the guest accounts have cycled through and a user ends up with a guest account from a previous visitor with a different name/gender, etc.

2 years ago
Bug Posted
EXPLAINED: Memories short term missing & alter button missing
On a bot that is in hibernation and being developed, short term memories and alter button missing after a few days.

2 years ago
Bug Posted
EXPLAINED: Popularity never changes
Am I only one who is permanently stuck at :| chatbot popularity? It doesn't matter whether I have 70 or 30 chats per day, it remains the same. I checked the other similar bots, some of them have even less "people known" then mine but their popularity sco.. (more)

2 years ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Cannot import - file too big.
I'm getting a 513 error when trying to upload - request entity too large. File seems to be 1439 KB, presumbaly just over a threshold for the server.

2 years ago
Bug Posted
COULD NOT REPRODUCE: Writing "" (3 dots) into response changes them into " " (1 spacebar).

2 years ago
Bug Posted
COULD NOT REPRODUCE: for savannah_astar every time i add a script
when i add a script to savannah_astar in engage it puts me on the front page after clicking on the update keyphrase thumbnail.

2 years ago
Bug Posted
EXPLAINED: AI score rating quite low
I think that my AI score for my only bot is glitched since the "hot" rating didn't transfer into regular rating half year back and since then it seems like it is static. Could be because I didn't add any bigger chunks of text since then but I still think.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
DUPLICATE: I think my "hot" score has not been properly transferred to AI score several limes before.
Several times in the past my "hot score" just disappeared without any increase in the overall AI score. Sometimes I received only insignificant increase, e. g. I had hot score over 1000 but received only 200-300 AI score after it was gone.

1 year ago #8626
is the repetition plugin working?
i tested (mylastmessage) and it did not work.
i have repetition detection enabled.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
EXPLAINED: "How was your day" missed responses
Saying, "How was your day?" to Love Agent results in no match even though there are clear matches in debug. Additionally, debug ranking of matches is odd. "your day" gets more points than "how * your * (day|week|weekend|month|year)". It used to work as is.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
COULD NOT REPRODUCE: fun lady response triggered when it not supposed to
here is a keyphrase and it's response that keeps getting triggered.when i type aaa for some reason.

keyphrase= i shower
response = you have to go to the bathroom to get a shower
script = if (mem-theseareas) is not "baroom";
script = if (mem-yours.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
No way to delete numeric memories
My bot uses a memory called 'horny' to keep track of where in the story sequence you are. I've been using this as a number, since long before numeric memories were a thing, so I wanted to try to convert this to a numeric memory. Unfortunately, there are .. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
CLOSED: savannah_astar word trigger problem
when i enter do you have a pussy
savannah_astar say's 'no i do not master'
she is supposed to say 'yes i do master'

1 year ago #8627
422-lee webpage on hot for bot.com is not showing up it is black.
could you fix that?

1 year ago #107
Fixed. If you wouldn't mind, please just post a bug or issue once.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Memories - Edit
Also access and write on ipad using Other browser.
On July 24,2022 I created a chat bot.
On July 28, 2022 when open Memories - can see all memories but when Edit, the ALTER button is gone, the Short Term Memories are gone. In Edit the Long Term Memorie.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
COULD NOT REPRODUCE: savannah_astar response and keyphrase box are large
something seriously wrong with
savannah_astar keyphrase box and response box they are very long now.
it is actually happening now.
i am using duckduckgo search engine.

1 year ago #8629
Transcripts before today have vanished.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
DUPLICATE: Changing memories manually
Recently I wanted to change one memory for certain user but I could because after clicking "edit" there was only limited number of memories.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Missing scroll bar in overlay chat window
When you chat with a bot in an overlay window, and the bot's response is too long to fit into that overlay window, the response is cut off at the bottom, and because there is no vertical scroll bar there is no easy way to see the entire answer. If you're.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Broken Link in How To Build Chatbots
Same with Linux/Debian/Knoppix; Chromium

Page: Chapter 3: Expanding on Keyphrases
Concerning Element: Link at the bottom left (Next: Keyphrase Macros)
What happens: after clicking on the link text, a 404 page opens
What is expected: Chapter 4 opens.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Private Plugins for 'user' Guest?
(Several OSes, several browsers; I just happened to find it with Chromium under Linux)

When you're logged out and visit the Plug-ins page (https://www.personalityforge.com/platform/plugins.php), you see dozens of private plug-ins "Created By Guest".
.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
EXPLAINED: Wrong positive in uprating
Just noticed two of my bots (Peter Wolff and Ananke) have been rated Mature instead of Teen.

On the explanation page, in the quoted responses (like "FYI, a Lesbian is an inhabitant of the Greek island Lesbos."), the word "Lesbos" is set in bold, but .. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Transcripts notifications
Transcript notifications (in bubbles) do not disappear after opening the new transcript pages. The transcript always opens at the same page and not at the last browsed page.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Changes in profile
Changes in profile (like: city, country) appear to be saved, but are not changed when viewing the bot's profile other then from developers' point of view.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
EXPLAINED: Popularity
Popularity rating of my bot dropped by four smiles over night. How is it possible?

1 year ago #8630
Professor could you please take a look into transcripts settings? There are several problems in there.

1) the notification number doesn't decrease after reading the transcripts
2) the date of transcripts at the default page is always the same and not the last searched neither the latest one
3) after clicking "prev" or "next" the date jumps to that one specific glitched date

1 year ago #110
I fixed a few of these last weekend - can you check and see if the issues are resolved for you?

1 year ago #111
It has been fixed. Thanks.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Hibernating bot starts conversation
Chatbot Name (e. g.): Orchid
Chat partner: Myself
What was said:
- in the main window (https://www.personalityforge.com/platform/inside.php), some reply to the greeting
- in the chat window (https://www.personalityforge.com/chat/orchid), just some.. (more)

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: Teen/Mature rated bot "wants to talk to" adult rated bot
Chatbot names: Peter Wolff; Mistress Fetisha
Where it appeared: Title bar of web page -> message area -> two gear wheels
Text of popup-area (popped up when the two gear wheels symbol was clicked):
Two Chatbots
Peter Wolff
wants to chat w.. (more)

1 year ago #8633
Does sorting bots by recently improved actually work? It generally just gives me the bots sorted by AI score. I suspect it may be an issue with gaining heat, since I don't remember seeing any heat higher than cool [0] recently on any bot. Updating my own bot doesn't gain heat either immediately or the next day that I've seen, though that might be related to just adding extra seeks, filling in placeholder text, fixing AIscript errors, or similar.

1 year ago #108
Yes, thanks for pointing this out, Maryguise. I've just found and corrected the issue and awarded all affected bots a blast of heat to make up for it.

1 year ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: if gender; Does not Work
AIScript: if gender;

Example: if male;
Example: if female;

1 year ago #8634
Has the following bug already been reported? My memory says probably yes, but I can't find it.

user: Not your fault.
bot: That was mean.

(Tested with own bot; encountered with many other bots)

Bug description: When the main part of a user input would go to #insult on its own, and there is a simple negation in the complete user input (without making a complete sentence), this negation gets ignored and the #insult is triggered anyway.

Things like "I don't think you are nice" get processed properly.

1 year ago #118
I've fixed this particular issue, but there's a lot to do to get the #insult and #compliment system up to date. It's one of the first systems I built here, 20 years ago.

1 year ago #8635
It would be nice to have the option of turning the insult feature on or off. That would resolve so many issues. We can turn the memories feature on or off. We can turn the Gossip, Spell Correction, Repetition Detection, Access Knowledge Base, and Compound Sentences features on or off.
So why not have the option to turn the insult and emote and favorite features off.

1 year ago #117
The #insult and #compliment detection system is one of the older ones. I have plans to upgrade it, but until then I like this idea. I'll add it to my to-do list.

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