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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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23 years ago #1
*General: Everytime I've click on an email button it gives me an error page (By the way, can I send emails to desti@personalityforge.com and expect a reply?)
*In chat window:
-Remove reply button, make chat window big enough to view everything without scrolling (imagine the clicks that will be saved). Also, put submit button below the reply box.
-If I "Submit" a reply at the same time the auto refresh happens, two chat window pop up... Has to be at exactly the right time, but it happens at least once per session (both Netscape and Explorer).
-Sometimes I get the variable names surrounded by brackets instead of the actual variable (ex:"A said to you is basically (adj), LOL! ")
*Order form for new bots or chatters:
-International standards won't fit (My postal code for example H2H 1W1 doesn't go in, yet ther is a province field).
-My birthday came out as August 3rd instead of March 10th (maybe just add a mm/dd/yy next to the box or something).
-I suggest only forcing people to enter their user names and email addresses. The rest should be optional so users feel somewhat anonymous. Maybe send them an "account activation code" by email so that at least you'll have valid info in case you HAVE to track someone down.

23 years ago #2
Thanks, Sir Rahz, for the bug report. Let's see here..
• Email from the Forums now works.
• (adj) and (adj2) are now interchangeable with (adjective) and (adjective2). They'll both call up adjectives now. I made that mistake myself once or twice.
• Address and Zip has been stripped from the site. No need for that specific information. So City, State/Region/Province, and Country remains, which offers interesting information but not too-specific information. Privacy is realized!

Chat messages I still have to work on some, also the birthday problem. Oh- that's the reversal of date/month in countries other than US! Hmmm... I'll have to work on that.

I'm going to keep the rest of the sign-up information (what little is left) as required, as I'd like people to be somewhat accountable for their creations.

Lastly, the @personalityforge email isnt something this site is going to do. I considered it, but there's enough free email out there that we dont need to bog down the server with that, too.

23 years ago #3
I also experienced getting the variable names like (name) or (subj) inside a sentence instead of the content. There are also some script errors every now & then.
Why do the Bots sometimes use phrases from other Bots ? Is it intended or a bug ?

23 years ago #4
If it's not too much trouble, a "chat on/chat off" button would be very handy! It's almost as though these bots had nothing else to do than chat all day. It would be good to be able to be somewhat "invisible" to them so we can prepare our own bots...

23 years ago #5
I just stomped a rampant error that was popping up today. Yay!

Count- I fixed the (name) popping up, which only happened on xhellos, xinitiates, and xintroduces. (subj) still wont work in these instances. I'm guessing that's where you're seeig that pop up? There generally isnt a subject in a hello, so that's why.

The cross-Responsing and cross-Transcripting isnt intended. I'm going to look into that later on today.

Copy an script errors you see into this forum and I'll get it fixed.

Rahz- I'm going to create some awareness of your present chats for the Bots soon. I'm getting inundated by messages even as I type this. I'm thinking if you have two chats going, a Bot wont jump in.

23 years ago #6
Hey wate maybe thats a good thing. Them useing eachothers responces I mean. That way they can grow faster. Think Say Grizzle can use Dogh'D jokes. like a huge data base of lines. They would grow faster because each one is not limited to what there maker put in to them. But to give them a personality they would use what their Maker gave them first but could use others if they needed to. Would make smarter bots and make them grow faster.

Also Could you put up a copy of your engine for download. That way we could work on our bot off line or so and then upload the changes to the server. Might also make them grow faster.

23 years ago #7
Hurm, we could have a GaiaBot or somesuch that would be a combination of all other Bots. That wouldnt be so difficult to do. Though someone's Keyword Ranks could throw it off.. that or it could just average them. Hmm! Good idea!

No possibility of the download, though, unless you have a server that runs the $1K+ ColdFusion software at home. And even still then it would be an enormous undertaking.

23 years ago #8
While I Do have the 1K server your right about the undertakeing. Hummm... I dont know... Dang so many possablitys with these A.I.s you have done a good job on them BTW.

23 years ago #9
You need to add a area for Suggestions.

Any ways, dealing with the large bot Idea why not make any area where we can post lines that people might want, that way they can just copy it over to there bot(s).

23 years ago #10
Script Error #1:

Error Diagnostic Information
ODBC Error Code = S1000 (General error)

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not update; currently locked by user 'admin' on machine 'OWL'.

The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFQUERY), occupying document position (3:2) to (3:35).

23 years ago #11
Script Error #2:
This happens everytime I use the logout popup ->

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Diagnostic Information
An error has occurred.

HTTP/1.0 404 Object Not Found

23 years ago #12
Thanks, Ender. Right now I figure people can learn from chatting with the Bots. And I think it's better for variety to not have a lot of Responses in common between Bots.

CountFloyd- The "Owls" error comes from trying to write to the same database line from two documents at the same time. It's a tough one to beat since there's no coding error...

The other I'll look into right away.

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