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ACcaptive, I thought there was, but couldn't find it the other day when I was hunting a bug. You can edit the self- memories, and memories related to specific users, but that would take ages to do all of them. No delete all button.

Another thing I thought used to exist was a requirement to escape " when working offline (so use \" instead). As it turns out, this changed at some point, and whilst you can use escape characters in the language centre code bit, you can't in the initialization line. That line doesn't go through the filter.

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why can't there be a sleep mode for chatbots made.
where i can a response for them sleeping.
it would continually say this until the time is up.
example something like you see Edward sleeping in his bed.
I was having trouble implementing this with time based responses.

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There's no reason in principle you can't do this... the problem is you basically need to catch EVERY possible query that the user can input and go to this one message. I don't know if there's really any way to do this other than to manually put a conditional into every message that it checks and redirects if needed, which is, needless to say, rather painful to do if your bot is of any significant size.

It might not be SO bad in practical terms. I have something like this set up for Emily, where she gets so furious she won't talk to you anymore. I have memory flag that gets triggered when this happens, and I check it against xnone, xcommand, xnonsense and the 10 or so most likely queries to her, which is usually enough to get the message across. Even though there may be a whole bunch of responses that will still technically trigger, odds are if your bot is unresponsive your users will quickly get bored and move on rather than trying to map where there are some weaknesses in your coding. If something crops up, hopefully you can spot it in the logs.

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I am using time based response for this and other things.

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I think personality forge needs the option of using a sex and profanity filter for the chatlogs.

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I think personality forge needs the option of using a sex and profanity filter for the transcripts.

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why I can not put this in initialization?
remember (p:dinner-food) as "food-dinner";

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My guess is that you can't use plugins in initialization, because that's the only weird thing about that.

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its not vodka now...its vodja.... GIMME VODJA

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how do I check if a word is not in a plugin?

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My if (a) is "B" in Responses don't work. I think my mistake in Initialization but i am not sure. Maybe you have some ideas?

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Let's see, reasons why that might not work...

If the user doesn't have (a), it will never work.

Make sure that you're saving memories as 'remember "B" as "a"' and checking them with 'if (mem-a) is "B"'. I accidentally initialized one of my memories with 'remember "B" as "mem-a"', so now I have to retrieve it with (mem-mem-a).

Check the Inner Life to make sure that your memory has the exact value it's supposed to. I've had memories get sort of corrupted because I was trying to save values like "you" and "me" which PersonalityForge messes with.

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Thank you! Now it works

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