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This forum is for discussion of how The Personality Forge's AI Engine works. This is the place for questions on what means what, how to script, and ideas and plans for the Engine.

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NEW 8 months ago #7456

Is there a reason it would have trouble getting past 'There' in the reply 'There is' ?

NEW 8 months ago #7457

I do not know what is causing urt's keyphrases to stop working it just does.

NEW 8 months ago #7458

Has anyone posted an alternative explanation to chapter 8 of "The Book of AI"?

I've tried reading it over and over and just don't understand at all, I was able to do a "my name is" thing with my bot with some copy and pasting but besides that I just can't comprehend it.

NEW 7 months ago #7459

the examples of AIScript in the book of AI (mem-your-name and raw)are helpful. is there a place I can go to see more AIScript being used?

NEW 6 months ago #7460

Hi, still getting use to things, I was wondering, say eg: p:list-of-things contains 4 values, and I want to remember each value so the bot won't use it again - bot please use oil, the bot responds with using (p:list-of-things|oil), so if i say bot please use oil again it can respond with item already used or try something else?

NEW 5 months ago #7461

For some reason a lot of keywords work when I talk to the bot, but they don't get triggered when she talks to other bots. Any idea why?

NEW 5 months ago #7462

@BotMaster2000, there's a bug right now where bot-to-bot conversations just trigger xnones or are considered blab.

NEW 5 months ago #7463

Ah, thanks.

NEW 5 months ago #7464

If any of you want to know how to get your bot to have responses that she will only say to a specific person, such as the botmaster, here's how to do it.

1: Make sure you have a "my name is" keyphrase and for other ways that people may tell the bit it's name.

2: make sure that the bot stores the given name in a memory: such as your-name

3: in the aiscript for the response you want to be exclusive to you type:
if "mem-your-name" is "botmastername"

With "botmastername" being replaced your name or the name of the person you want the messages to be directed to

NEW 5 months ago #7465

how do I make sure that the bot stores the given name in a memory: such as your-name?

NEW 5 months ago #7466

In the aiscript for the "my name is" keyphrase type this into the aiscript box

rem (postkey) as only "your-name"

Make sure it's typed in the aiscript box for the keyphrase not the response.

NEW 5 months ago #7467

How do we refer to short-term memories? In Inner Life, they're saved under categories like (animal) and (abstract), but there doesn't seen to be a way to access the stored values. I tried (mem-abstract), and that doesn't work at all.

NEW 4 months ago #7468

I'm still waiting for the broken keywords and seeks to be fixed my bots xInitiate is broken and just shows the broken message of "I was just born, and can't speak well yet"

NEW 4 months ago #7469

Here's a question that's been bugging me, is there a way to set a range for numbers? I'd like to have responses for specific numbers without needing to type them out. It'd be nice to say ([1-25]), but it seems to give the same values as the standard ([1-9.]+)

NEW 4 months ago #7470


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