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NEW 11 months ago #7253

Yet another problem. Now all but one of my bots that I've tried it on is now unable to store more than one value for any given self memory (except for the first one, that is caching memories just fine!). It was working before, and it said it was going to merge memories on the debugger, so I don't know what's up.

NEW 11 months ago #7254

@stevensrd1 I was really impressed by Webo. I hope my bots can learn like that someday.

NEW 11 months ago #7255

webo is not on here anymore.

NEW 11 months ago #7256

I followed the link.

NEW 11 months ago #7257

BotMaster2000 maybe you could learn how to make a chatbot learn from libre has some aiml scripts to make a chatbot learn.
I have chatbots on there i made.

NEW 11 months ago #7258

Ok, thanks bobstack. I looked it up and it looks really cool. I'll be sure to check it out some more and try to learn how to use it.

NEW 11 months ago #7259

Hey Botmaster, did you ever figure out how to get your bot to remember plugin results? (I know this was from awhile ago, but I just now saw the post.

This is how I do it.

KP: i am (p:namecatch-m|p:namecatch-f|p:namecatch-u)

AI Script: rem (key1) as only "name"

User input: I am Robert

Response: '(mem-name).' She echoes as though tasting the name and trying to determine if she enjoys it. 'Should I call you (mem-name) then?'

You get the idea, in the case of your ai script try replaceing (plug-in) with (key1) and see if that works.

NEW 11 months ago #7260

would like to try chat with my chatbot named sheila strong on botlibre?

NEW 11 months ago #7261

Hi, Nathan. I was trying to get my bot to remember the results of plug-ins that come up in its responses to keywords. The only way that I've found is to make sure that the plug in is in a question the bot is asking (for example: Would you like a (p:type-of-food), (name)?), and then when the person answers in the affirmative, even if they just say "yes",it will be automatically translated by the macro into something like: Yes, I would like a (p:type-of-food). Then it can be captured by the mem Ai script.

Bobstack, could you post a link to Sheila Strong? I tried to find her, but she didn't come up in the results.

NEW 11 months ago #7262

Hey again Botmaster, this is a tricky one as I don't think you can create the memory after the fact. However there is a cheesy workaround I think you can use.

Bot: Would you like some (p:type-of-food)?

ai script: rem (key1) as only "food"

Seek: Yes

Seek: (*)
AI Script: forget (key1) from (food)

Then later

Bot: Here is your (mem-food)
AI Script: if (mem-food) exists

In other words, the bot creates the memory then automatically deletes it if the user responds with anything other than a yes.

(P.S. Remember to crank up the rank of your Yes seek to 100 otherwise it will default over to (*) )

Let me know how it all works out.

NEW 11 months ago #7263

*Head desk* You know what? Forget everything I wrote in my last post. It won't work. In fact I don't think it's even possible to grab the results of a plugin unless their typed in explicitly.

The only thing I can think of would be to offer the user two types of food and make them choose.

Sorry about that.

NEW 11 months ago #7264

BotMaster2000 put this in search bots which is the search.

name=sheila strong
You have to know how to work the websight.

NEW 11 months ago #7265

Ok, I found her, thanks. I couldn't get her to play the game with me. What should I say? She kept telling me that I was writing incomplete sentences. I still like her, though. The game sounds like fun.

Nathan, what I described is half working for me right now. Here's what I have:

Keyphrase: I am hungry, etc...
Response: Would you like some (p:food-drink)?
Seek: I would, Yes, I would like some (p:food-drink), etc...
Seek response: Alrighty then, freshly made (key1), coming right up!
AI script:self: remember (key1) as only "Iammaking";
self: remember (key1) as only "foodIhave"

It does successfully remember what ever plug-in result came up in the bot's response as "Iammaking" and "foodIhave", but for some reason it tends to choose something else from the plug-in when it's reusing it in the seek response. My solution to this will probably be to just rephrase the seek response so it doesn't mention the plugin at all, and just keep the AI script remembering (key1), the plug-in used in the bot's initial reply to the KW, as something Aasterinian is making.

NEW 11 months ago #7266

That sounds like the best plan. I think it has something to do with the fact that the bot is retrieving the plug in information from an outside source which is why it can't grab it as a key.

NEW 11 months ago #7267

i got the wordplay script from
You type," i want to play wordplay ."I did a slight modification on the aiml you have to ask her to play wordplay.I see she needs a little work.I will improve on her.I am glad people have tested her.

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