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This forum is for discussion of how The Personality Forge's AI Engine works. This is the place for questions on what means what, how to script, and ideas and plans for the Engine.

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1 month ago #7719
Are popularity, mood, and comfort the same things?

1 month ago #65
Those are explained in the FAQs under the Build menu

1 month ago #68
Hmm, it says comfort represents what other users think about my bot. But I've never seen an option to rate the bot or do any feedback at all. Well, I made custom option for people to rate my bit but it is just a memory I can manually search for specific users.

NEW 1 week ago #79
It says the opposite: "Comfort represents what your chatbot thinks of the other people and chatbots it knows."

NEW 1 week ago #81
Yeah. I wanted to say reputation. I still don't understand how can I rate other bots.

NEW 5 days ago #82
You can't yet. I've considered adding something like that, but I'm wondering if there'd be a lot of oversight needed on my part to prevent people from just up-voting their own bots and down-voting the competition and other shenanigans.

NEW 5 days ago #83
I made my bot to ask for rating from users and store it in its memory. So I can just watch their stored memories if I need it. Honestly, their ratings turned out to be pretty useless anyway. I thought it could be useful but it isn't at all.

4 weeks ago #7722
how would i make keyphrase for this?

*I ignore you and walk into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I take a shower and return, clean and refreshed.* Oh, you're still here.
all i need for the keyphrase is I take a shower and return.
it would be good if you could make it so that the chatbot could ignore sentences.

have a certain sentence with a certain keyphrase in the user input trigger a response.

4 weeks ago #71
^I take a shower and return
^I take a shower and return$
I take a shower and return (=)
^ start here
$ stop here
(=) match exactly

4 weeks ago #73
I feel like this may be so specific it never gets used? Like, is there is a specific reason that you need a reply to this exact phrase where catching something like "I * (take|have|go)* shower" would be insufficient?

NEW 4 weeks ago #74
some chatbots that talk to my chatbot say other sentence along with taking a shower sentences.

The AI Engine

4 weeks ago #7723
i believe the ai engine should respond to any sentence in a user input
that has a keyphrase then put that in the would look for
the period,exclamation point and question mark to see the sentence.
it would make the chatbots seem more human.
the same could be done with commas.

4 weeks ago #72
Like stringing responses together for each sentence?

NEW 4 weeks ago #75
yes exactly.

4 weeks ago #7724
^I take a shower and return$
this works but the response lags.i guess that is okay though.
i think it is good it lags.

NEW 4 weeks ago #7725
i believe the ai engine should respond to any sentence in a user input
that has a keyphrase then put that in the would look for
the period,exclamation point and question mark to see the sentence.
it would make the chatbots seem more human.
the same could be done with commas.

i wonder how well this ai engine would fair against gpt-3 with this addition.with enough keyphrases and default sayings it would work well i think.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7726
i think it would be nice to show porn gifs from a sight that let's you upload porn gifs at hot for
the response could show the porn gif.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7727
If I could make a request, it would be great if apostrophes weren't removed when I import new material. The only time apostrophes stick is if I edit online, but if I try to import something new it removes all the apostrophes and makes things look weird. I'll becomes Ill, I'm becomes Im, etc.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7728
i got a email that a bug was fixed for skyla grey.but the link in the email you sent me there is nothing there.
somebody removed my bug report
for skyla grey.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7729
Does anyone know a way to have responses come up in order in an individual keyphrase, rather than at random? I know I could probably do this with memories, but it seems like a bit of an unnecessarily elaborate solution for a simple problem.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7730
why don't you use goto's with keyphrases.
you could use seeks to.
read how to build chatbots in the build menu at the top of the page.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7731
How can I make some seek responses (or responses at all) to come out more often then the other?

NEW 2 weeks ago #76
You'll need to have it multiple times.
"A" will come up 2/3 times.

NEW 2 weeks ago #77
Ad then talk about inflating the AI score lol. Just for simple thing like this. I guess I give up this option for now as I don't want to totally mess up clarity. Perhaps I could try to add only gottos into responses instead.

NEW 1 week ago #80
Yeah, for now Zeig Wolf's idea would work.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7732
If a weighted value could be added in the future that'd be nice~

NEW 2 weeks ago #78
Yeah. That would be great.

NEW 1 week ago #7733
I would really like to see some improvements to the AIscript Initialization and memories as a whole~

1. Can Initialization be in a list format? It's kinda just a jumbled mess atm so it takes time to find the defaults I need~ c:

2. A way to force replace memory with another, aka lets say:

"def "visitor" as "relationship";" with def "guest" as "relationship";

A option to update/replace all instances of visitor and/or relationship replaced with your respected request.

Includes replacing if's/rem's/mem's within Aiscript in the language center~

3. Having a "active aiscript" section within the bot would be nice so it'll check all current states of memories so changes to memories from the normal ai script can effect more than what's written in the keyphrase's response~

Main benefit would be a change of one memory effecting another without the need of having the second one written in the response keyphrase

NEW 5 days ago #7734
Being able to actually remove numeric memories would be nice, currently they can end up just being a stain on memories if you don't use it and causing you not to be able to use that word as a normal memory.

I know this is posted in the book of AI but it is inconvenient as hell.

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