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1 month ago #7697
are you trying to make a game for your chatbot?
i have made games for my chatbots.

1 month ago #7698
KBF you do it like this.
if (mem-number) is "10";
if (mem-somethingElse) is "true";
if (mem-somethingElse) is "blue"

1 month ago #7699
Sorry if I was unclear, I'm only interested in numbers. "True" and "Blue" variables were just used as examples, and do not have anything to do with the particular script. There is only one variable I'm trying to catch.

I have a generic answer without AI script that seems to be taking priority over answers for specific numbers, even when the bot is given numbers.

I'm unclear if the bot can't recognize the numbers themselves, or there's a prioritization problem where the generic answer is overriding the script answers. If so, is there some way to change that?

1 month ago #16
My only thought here is that you're setting the memory in the keyphrase and trying to recall it in the response. New memories won't be checked that quickly. Though above you say you've tried setting it by hand, so perhaps I'm misunderstanding or missing something?

What I would generally suggest is a different keyphrase for important numbers, and just (number) for everything else

1 month ago #17
i have had the same problem.
here is a example of what i do.
keyphrase = my clan number is *
response=okay i will remember your clan number
script=if (mem-clan) is "blank"
seek = x
response= looks at you
rem (postkey) as only "clan"
seek = #nomatch
response= looks at you
rem (postkey) as only "clan"

response = i remember that your clan number is 2
if (mem-clan) is "2"

i hope it helps

1 month ago #18
Zeig Wolf - "By hand" I mean in the bot's Inner Life menu, for the user KBF, I set the variable Mem-number= 10 to ensure the bot isn't responding to some other number and I haven't realized it.

bobstack- is there a way to have the bot respond to the number in the same sentence?

(Example) keyphrase = my clan number is *
(Desired) response=Oh, I like clan (ANumberGoesHere)!
(Desired) response=Oh, I used to visit clan (OtherNumberGoesHere)!
(Desired) response=Wow, I've never heard of clan (UnsupportedNumberGoesHere)!

Because all I get is: response=Wow, I've never heard of clan (UnsupportedNumberGoesHere)!

No matter what I say. Even if I tamper with the bot (see above) to make sure there it's a known number.

1 month ago #19
you can have multiple responses per keyphrase.

1 month ago #20
How I would handle this:

Keyphrase1 - my clan number is (number)
Response - Wow, I've never heard of clan (key1)!

Keyphrase2 - my clan number is (1|2|3)
Response - Oh, I like clan (key1)!

Keyphrase3 - my clan number is (4|5|6)
Response - Oh, I used to visit clan (key1)!

Keyphrase 2 and 3 might need a boost to their rank to overcome keyphrase 1.

1 month ago #24
That worked, thanks!

1 month ago #7700
(Example) keyphrase = my clan number is *

(desire) Oh, I like clan (postkey)

1 month ago #7701
ummm Hello...
I have few questions about numbers...
Any chance to make ">" and "<" work?
And how can I do something like this (mem-#-Power) - ((mem-Level) * 3); in keyword script

1 month ago #26
i think what you want to do could be learned from these webpages.

1 month ago #27
Thanky! I get about "><" but I have another question that Idk how to do
I have X = y * 2;
X and y it's memory numbers. what I need to write in script to do this?

1 month ago #28
i do not know.

1 month ago #29
There's no way to do math between different numeric memories at this time. But it's a good idea. I'll add that to my list of things to add. Does anyone else think that would be useful?

1 month ago #33
It would open up some interesting possibilities

1 month ago #38
I will wait:3 I wanted to do some kind of test based rpg and I need this there:3

1 month ago #7702
If I may suggest another feature to add to the list, an 'include' and 'exclude' script would be nice.

exclude - only select this response if there are no other matches.
Like keeping a regular response from triggering until your <scripted> ones don't match, as it stands you have to "is not" all of them. While a valid check, it gets a bit tedious.

include - always select this response if it matches.
The other way around. Say you have a specific number triggered response, but also have other valid responses with it, it's a 50/50 it gets picked, risking your window of opportunity.

In theory, this is a Rank system for responses. exclude being -1 and include being +1

1 month ago #30
Hmm.. an interesting idea. Let me think about the possibilities of that. You could do a lot, potentially. Does that sound useful to anyone else?

Maybe I should have a "Feature Request" area kind of like bug stomp where people can vote on ideas.

1 month ago #34
I could see myself using of that script occasionally. And yeah, a feature request would be cool too.

1 month ago #36
I would like this as well. I've had lots of trouble getting my bot to prioritize it's responses.

1 month ago #43
A feature request section would be pretty cool

1 month ago #45
Response ranking would be pretty nice! It'd especially help out with complicated things that need a lot of AIScript such as clothing systems and similar stuff

1 month ago #7703
Is there a way to create responses for emojis? Raw?

1 month ago #31
Yes, you should be able to catch emojis with raw mode.

1 month ago #39
It just yells at me about unmatched parenthesis.

NEW 1 month ago #7704
What are you doing if user types interjections. The bot doesn't have wild cards for interjections.

NEW 1 month ago #32
If you want to match them, you could with raw mode. Typically interjections are little sentences of their own. Is there a particular one you're having trouble with?

NEW 1 month ago #35
Interjections like: ah, ooh, heh, meh, hehe,

Impossible to catch them all.

NEW 1 month ago #37
There's some plug-ins that can catch them like

NEW 1 month ago #41
Cool. Thx

NEW 1 month ago #46
It doesn't seem to work.

NEW 1 month ago #7705
I've written an answer for

(m:tell_me) about (you|yourself)

I set the rank to my custom keyphrase to 99, but it still goes to #Command.

What am I missing?

NEW 1 month ago #40
I had a similar problem with (m:tell_me) about, I replaced it with (m:com) tell me (a:about) and that fixed it

NEW 4 weeks ago #48
Seems like a bug. I've put it on my list.

NEW 1 month ago #7706
Is it possible to search specific goto in a database? I don't know keyphrase, only goto number.

NEW 1 month ago #42
Use the search drop down and select Responses, then you can type your number

NEW 1 month ago #44
Thank you.

NEW 4 weeks ago #7707
Can AI Data be added to the Language Center search types~?

NEW 4 weeks ago #49
That's a good idea. I'll add that soon.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7708
Why are some responses picked up more often then the others?

I mean responses of the same seeks.

NEW 3 weeks ago #50
It should be random, once the ones that don't match emotional or AIScript conditions are removed.

NEW 3 weeks ago #51
I thought it has something to do with being marked strong or light green. I guess it was just coincidence.

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