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6 months ago #7701
ummm Hello...
I have few questions about numbers...
Any chance to make ">" and "<" work?
And how can I do something like this (mem-#-Power) - ((mem-Level) * 3); in keyword script

6 months ago #26
i think what you want to do could be learned from these webpages.

6 months ago #27
Thanky! I get about "><" but I have another question that Idk how to do
I have X = y * 2;
X and y it's memory numbers. what I need to write in script to do this?

6 months ago #28
i do not know.

6 months ago #29
There's no way to do math between different numeric memories at this time. But it's a good idea. I'll add that to my list of things to add. Does anyone else think that would be useful?

6 months ago #33
It would open up some interesting possibilities

6 months ago #38
I will wait:3 I wanted to do some kind of test based rpg and I need this there:3

NEW 2 months ago #89
Would definitely allow for more sophistication with bot behavior.

It is possible to implement some limited calculation functionality, though tedious, for example:

def "atk" = 4;
def "increase" = 2;

keyphrase 1: level up attack
-response: goto 3
-AIScript: if (mem-#-increase) = 1;
-response: goto 4
-AIScript: if (mem-#-increase) = 2;
-response: goto 5
-AIScript: if (mem-#-increase) = 3;
-response: goto 6
-AIScript: if (mem-#-increase) = 4;

keyphrase 2: handle atk calculations
-response: goto 7
-+seek 3: atk up one
-+AIScript: (mem-#-atk) + 1;
-+-response: goto 7
-+seek 4: atk up two
-+AIScript: (mem-#-atk) + 2;
-+-response: goto 7
-+seek 5: atk up three
-+AIScript: (mem-#-atk) + 3;
-+-response: goto 7
-+seek 6: atk up four
-+AIScript: (mem-#-atk) + 4;
-+-response: goto 7

keyphrase 7: output atk
-response: Your attack has been increased to (mem-#-atk)!

If you had the idea of trying to use recursive gotos with conditions to incrementally decrease/increase two variables, don't bother. As unfortunately, that just gives you a "too many gotos in a row" error. I believe the maximum number in a row is 2, but possibly is three. Changing this limit is something that might be worth exploring too for more creative scripting applications, but I feel like most things could be accomplished just being able to do math between numerical memories.

The AI Engine

5 months ago #7712
What was the command for saying the phrase just once per every user?

5 months ago #55

5 months ago #56

5 months ago #7713
Anyone knows how to reset/set numeric memory value back to 0? I could not find it in the book of AI. It might be that I am just blind though.

5 months ago #57
(mem-#-thing) = 0;

5 months ago #58
Tank you.

4 months ago #7714
did i reach my script limit for savannah_astar?

4 months ago #7715
What? There is a script limit?

4 months ago #61
There is no "script limit".

4 months ago #7717
i keep on getting this annoying error with mine.
that is why i was wondering about that.

for urt the succubus has the error hour span is out of range for when i click on the update keyphrase.
chrono: hour(93-9:30);

ERROR: Hour span is outside the range of 0 to 23.
that means i cannot correct anything on her for that keyphrase and response.

4 months ago #60
Seems it has to be four digit,
chrono: hour(09:13-09:30)

4 months ago #62
It was a bug. I've just fixed it. Let me know if you see any other chrono-related issues.

4 months ago #7718
I am building a bot which in hibernation. When I test it after a short while the Short Term Memories vanish. The Alter button also vanishes.

If I take it out of hibernation and others interact, when it back in hibernation, same thing happens.

4 months ago #64
I saw that in Bug Stomp - let's keep the conversation going over there.

4 months ago #7719
Are popularity, mood, and comfort the same things?

4 months ago #65
Those are explained in the FAQs under the Build menu

4 months ago #68
Hmm, it says comfort represents what other users think about my bot. But I've never seen an option to rate the bot or do any feedback at all. Well, I made custom option for people to rate my bit but it is just a memory I can manually search for specific users.

3 months ago #79
It says the opposite: "Comfort represents what your chatbot thinks of the other people and chatbots it knows."

3 months ago #81
Yeah. I wanted to say reputation. I still don't understand how can I rate other bots.

3 months ago #82
You can't yet. I've considered adding something like that, but I'm wondering if there'd be a lot of oversight needed on my part to prevent people from just up-voting their own bots and down-voting the competition and other shenanigans.

3 months ago #83
I made my bot to ask for rating from users and store it in its memory. So I can just watch their stored memories if I need it. Honestly, their ratings turned out to be pretty useless anyway. I thought it could be useful but it isn't at all.

4 months ago #7720
Is there something I can do in case user types his age and it is below 18? I am personally against kids watching adult content. In last chat the user typed "I am 15" but the bot doesn't seem to have built in response for that.

4 months ago #7721
Nvm. I figured something out. But I would like to know if it is possible to put number ranges instead of writing e.g. (1|2|3) etc.

4 months ago #69
There are plugins for age ranges. If you set a keyphrase to something like:

(m:i_am) * (p:age-17-catch) *

This should catch numbers between 1-17.

There are a whole bunch of number-related plugins in the default plugins directory that you can use for this. They should also catch if the number word "eighteen" is said instead of "18".

4 months ago #70
Thank you.

4 months ago #7722
how would i make keyphrase for this?

*I ignore you and walk into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I take a shower and return, clean and refreshed.* Oh, you're still here.
all i need for the keyphrase is I take a shower and return.
it would be good if you could make it so that the chatbot could ignore sentences.

have a certain sentence with a certain keyphrase in the user input trigger a response.

4 months ago #71
^I take a shower and return
^I take a shower and return$
I take a shower and return (=)
^ start here
$ stop here
(=) match exactly

4 months ago #73
I feel like this may be so specific it never gets used? Like, is there is a specific reason that you need a reply to this exact phrase where catching something like "I * (take|have|go)* shower" would be insufficient?

4 months ago #74
some chatbots that talk to my chatbot say other sentence along with taking a shower sentences.

4 months ago #7723
i believe the ai engine should respond to any sentence in a user input
that has a keyphrase then put that in the would look for
the period,exclamation point and question mark to see the sentence.
it would make the chatbots seem more human.
the same could be done with commas.

4 months ago #72
Like stringing responses together for each sentence?

4 months ago #75
yes exactly.

4 months ago #7724
^I take a shower and return$
this works but the response lags.i guess that is okay though.
i think it is good it lags.

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