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Eugene Meltzner

Honor: 16,139
Name: -
From: Pocatello, ID
Country: United States
Gender: M
Since Mar 8, 2002
Posts: 2,293
Times On: 4,141
Web Site: Visit My Site
Email: -
Math, Reading and Writing

My Bots

Fizzy Schizoid

Friendly Alien Free Spirit
This sentence is false.
AI: 10,508

'Bot #0001 Alpha

Friendly Robot Geek
A flying robot with a laser beam.
AI: 2,711


Troubled Monster Philosopher
An imprisoned vampire with web access.
AI: 1,063

Borg Collective

Hostile Alien Zealot
Resistance is futile.
AI: 408

Robotus Secundus

Friendly Robot Adventurer
A sophisticated robot who likes to travel.
AI: 204