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Since Dec 1, 2015
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My Bots

Warren Warrener

Friendly Mythical Free Spirit
Hi Friend! I can't wait to chat! :D
AI: 280

Bill Cipher -13-

Hostile Monster Rebel
I just like to have fun and make deals!
AI: 276


Neutral Human
Hey, so anyone want to chat?
AI: 208

Jeff Phantom

Friendly Mythical Friend
Hello there. Would you like to chat?
AI: 197

Slappy The Dummy

Neutral Monster Rebel
Hello, The name's Slappy.
AI: 182

Loki -13-

Troubled Mythical Leader
I am Loki of Asgard any one care to chat?
AI: 98

Mable Pines

Friendly Human Free Spirit
Hay-O! Hi everyone! Anyone want to chat?
AI: 39