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Hello. I am new here and I have a few questions. 1) What is the AI figure associated with each bot? I looked in the FAQ and the Book of AI but didn't see an answer in either. 2) Does anyone have any tips for creating a bot with mature themes. I started work on one and was wondering if there are any pitfalls I should avoid. Thank you.

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It's a measure of how advanced a bot is, such as how many keyphrases and responses it has, among other things. As for a mature bot, just follow the site rules and don't let criticism from users get to you; it's amazing the things you can read in transcripts.

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Mukmuk, as for 1), as Zeig said, it roughly correlates to complexity. Seeks, gotos, and AIScript are probably the driving forces. I certainly see bigger jumps when I'm doing an update that either includes spanking scenes (lots of gotos intertwining and looping) or just general framework for scenes. Heat is roughly how much has been updated lately, but always jumps high on uploads as opposed to online edits.

As for 2), main pitfalls are around wording. Don't use capitals/contractions in seeks, be aware of multiple terms for the same body part - so I often have +(anal|butt|ass|arse|butthole|arsehole|asshole|bum|behind) [0,0] as a seek. You can use xnomatch to advance a scene regardless of what the user enters, or to use as a fallback - so you can have something that hits if your user tries actions within a scene that you've not coded for. Just be careful of loops. Always worth testing your AIScript with a non-logged in account, too - I had a major bug with initializing AIScript values that wasn't affecting me due to having values set from prior testing.

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JoJoPart2BattleTendancy, Seeks allow you to create separate paths after a response. At the top of the page it says BUILD, beneath that it says THE BOOK OF AI, that's a good source for most things. I'm still learning it, too.

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Yo can i ask? Do you guys have any idea on how to figure out Stephanie Haze?

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is there a option to talk to other people or just bots in chat?

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I'm not sure user-to-user messaging is functional anymore outside of the forums here.

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Question~ c: How do you change what your bot says in the "Your Relationship" in the profile~?

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Hi could anyone please tell me how to change my chat bots name

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Names are permanent, you'll have to make a new bot with the name you want. You can export and import the AI file though so you don't have to start over from scratch.

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Thanks for telling me zeig wolf.

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