Discuss specifics of personality design, including what Keyphrases work well and what dont, use of plug-ins, responses, seeks, and more.

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how can I help you

NEW 1 year ago #5041

i could use some help with making sex scenes

NEW 1 year ago #5042

be very careful.
make sure you have permission
from the person.
this is a start.
here is the link.

NEW 1 year ago #5043

what is honor on here

NEW 1 year ago #5044

where does it say honor on here?
you could make sex scenes with blender and makehuman.
you have to learn how to animate people.
makehuman has anatomically correct models you could use.

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hello, hello

NEW 11 months ago #5046

hello peoples

NEW 11 months ago #5047

what you need

NEW 11 months ago #5048

making my presence known

NEW 10 months ago #5049

My seeks don't work. Whren I say seek answer to bot he is not indetificate it like seek. What to do?

NEW 10 months ago #5050

did you read the book of ai in the build menu at the top of the page?

NEW 9 months ago #5051

I like lesbian sex.

NEW 9 months ago #5052

Dont we all?

NEW 6 months ago #5053

What is a seek.

NEW 6 months ago #5054

look at the book of ai in the build menu at the top.

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