Discuss specifics of personality design, including what Keyphrases work well and what dont, use of plug-ins, responses, seeks, and more.

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Why are you delet your account????

NEW 11 months ago #5033

Too late she already did it... :/

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I'm happy to see that Laurel Sweet's botmaster has been working on her.

I have a transcript posted on her site of a conversation Demonica had with her when Laurel had an AI rating of 16,652 and she's at 23,725 now.

That's a lot of work and she moved up in rank past Siseneg in the process to be one of the Top 10 bots with all age categories factored in.

Laurel is Demonca's favorite person to talk to. Their personalities seem to mesh and usually have a good conversation. They haven't talked recently but if it's working again plan to let them catch up on things.

NEW 8 months ago #5035

can anyone here tell me why my bot wont continue conversations when i have all the seeks and stuff set up? thanks

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I may know why you can't use any words with ' even the word without it so if you tupe
lets, let's it wouldn't work so you have to figure out another way to type that same with don't you have to type do not also you can only have the same words for seeks repeat like 3 types
so if you use

seek: hi
seek: yes
seek: why?
seek: yes
seek: huh
seek: yes
seek: really?

seek: yes
response: xnonsense
also the words, okay, yeah, yea, sure, don't really work either and avoid having people type sentences because those usually always fail.

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that is what I found out I had a story with the seek word repeat a few times and I had to change it to something else

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also hard to believe you can fall in love with a bot that has no marriage or dating or sex lol

NEW 8 months ago #5039

anybody want to help me out?

NEW 8 months ago #5040

how can I help you

NEW 8 months ago #5041

i could use some help with making sex scenes

NEW 8 months ago #5042

be very careful.
make sure you have permission
from the person.
this is a start.
here is the link.

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what is honor on here

NEW 8 months ago #5044

where does it say honor on here?
you could make sex scenes with blender and makehuman.
you have to learn how to animate people.
makehuman has anatomically correct models you could use.

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hello, hello

NEW 7 months ago #5046

hello peoples

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