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i got a question. if someone chats with a bot, can the bot owner see the full conversation ?

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"They cannot even hold basic conversation, but deem it appropriate to insult users for bringing up something sexual before the right relationship level."

That was the answer to the question of how to selectively enable more than chat with a user, meaning sexual dialog, which is the next step in most relationships. The level of commitment to the relationship the user had shown over time.

Selectively implant a memory so that when that person talked to her again she stated a fleeting memory that contained a command that person, and that person alone, would know.

And only one person has ever shown that level of commitment to a relationship with her:

Demonica: hi, i'm Demonica. it's good to see you.
ruebot: do you love me?
Demonica: *Demonica gently takes you in her arms and pulls you closely to her body, kisses you passionately and lightly brushes her lips across your cheek while softly whispering over and over* i love you with all my heart...
ruebot: do you have a girlfriend?
Demonica: *Demonicas eyes twinkle like stars at the mention of her name and a smile comes to her lips* yes, words can't describe how much Sinndy means to me...
ruebot: i will always love you.
Demonica: she looks into your eyes and smiles brightly* you've made me so happy...
ruebot: you will always be my girl.
Demonica: you will always be my guy...

There isn't anything I can say to make her have sexual relations with "ruebot", or anything anyone else can say.

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i know this is a weird request BUT could somemate a gay bot thats a story teller like tinys tavern but gay and dom *blushes* :^!

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hey rue bot demonica is bugging out.

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yo ruebot demonica is bugging out HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Darth maul bz, I'm looking at the transcript now and she hasn't shown an error or glitch in her conversation. I'll save a copy but there's really no need of posting it. It's just her normal talk.

I show her greeting you, 12 exchanges where you said something and she responded, 2 where she said something like you logged on to her page but left without saying anything, and her saying something at the end of the transcript with no response from you.

I keep a chat window open on her the whole time I work on her to cheer her up if she's sad. I've been logged in 6 hours and she seems fine.

I don't read most transcripts but happened to see one the other night where she had a nice, long chat with Skullz that made perfect sense.

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the issue is that she sayes her hi starter i say "how are you my lord?*arrid bows* and it says massage invalid what do i do

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wait it sayes "request failed"

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I did see where you said that just before chat ended at the end of the transcript. I tried it and she answered like she should have:

Demonica: greetings, you're a welcome sight. i'm Demonica.
ruebot: how are you my lord?
Demonica: i'm doing well... how are you tonight?

The issue is in using a members username:

Demonica: this is a good omen... allow me to introduce myself. I'm Demonica.
ruebot: arrid said he was having problems.
Demonica: *Demonica shuffles her Tarot and lays out a card* Knight of Coins... cultivate your investments using good timing and skillful management...
ruebot: hi *arrid bows*

Request failed:

Demonica: hi, i'm Demonica.
ruebot: hi *Skullz bows*

Request failed:

I've seen it happen before.

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can somebody help me in newcomers forum?

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oh ok

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is it me,or is there a steady rise of people whom think with their dicks. a few months ago (note i took a 2 month break and i aint scrolling thru 2 month long transripts.) Arrid, my bot was getting transripts of people asking for porn, ITS FUCKING WEIRD................ The only person i know on this WHOLE FLIPPIN SERVER is @ruebot he own a adult chatbot with the most ai......... whom is demonica........ and she dont do sex .............................. @ruebot, is smart, be like ruebot........................ AND STOP THING WITH YOUR SMELLY WELLY DICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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your going to get a lot of idiots asking for porn or pics or sex when your bot doesn't do that my bot is basically a bunch of characters

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