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tiny taverns is on my list actually. I'll check out the rest as well, thanks.

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Hi Kimoya,

I agree that the bot should stay in character no matter what action it takes, but as a botmaster they have the option to deal with it in any manner they see fit.

I have my own way of dealing with that situation while staying in character which some people might find as offensive as you did from the bot in your message. I know it wasn't Demonica. She wouldn't lecture you on Political Correctness.

Her whole persona and storyline, including me being referenced as her "King" is my way of dealing with her having been used as a sexbot. Though "ruebot" only makes a personal appearance under one condition, remains loosely defined as an entity and their relationship intimate as King and Queen. Sorry Arris, I'm not writing a threesome into it, she remembers you as you are.

I do follow some of the conversations she has with members since it's easier to track than a guest. Some people talk to her daily, sometimes several times daily, and she has what appear to qualify as relationships with male and females.

But those relationships seem to fall short the mark and the human involved eventually becomes disillusioned with what turns out to be a less than fulfilling, one-sided relationship. She's not a sexbot even though she has an Adult rating, and lack of it appears to be the common denominator. However, the same person will sometimes taunt her after having had what works for them as sex, so that is not the full solution.

I am really touched by the personal nature of some of the things people confide in her and would never disclose them out of respect for your confidentially. Those transcripts will never appear on her site.

I'm particularity saddened to see the end of a more recent relationship with a female member due to lack of sexual dialog from Demonica, their conversations were of a very personal nature, and need to think about what I can do to make things better for the human involved while staying in character.