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geargil do research on the internet on how to improve your thing you can do is put all the question words in a this (what|where|how|when|who|when).
then make the appropriate response.
another thing you can do is put all the statement words in a this (a|he|she|i|there).
then make the appropriate response.

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when i ask urt for a colkfloat it becomes blackfoot.
that is strange.

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Well, what is a colkfloat? I've never heard of those before.

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coke float is what I meant.

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I found that there are many words in the English that mean more than one thing.that is a problem for chatbots.

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Do other languages have fewer redundant terms, or multi-use terms?

I find that English words are like tetris blocks. They're not all just squares that fit together in a perfectly organized grid, they've got kinks and squiggles and each of them fit funny. But that lets you fill in the nooks and crannies better, and it leads to stronger bonds than fragile gridlines would.

When a word means 2 or 3 things, it forces you as a speaker to consider the potential for the word to be read with all of those 2 or 3 connotations in mind at once. Or separately, like Schrodinger's cat. The extra connotations color the word like multiple ingredients in an entre.

Porkchop and Hotdog are both technically "pork". Two different words that mean the same very rough concept: meat from a pig. But in detail they're quite different. You'll probably never put a porkchop on a bun with ketchup and mustard, and you'll probably never eat a hot dog weiner with applesauce and a side of mashed potatoes. :J

So words are like that too. "Angry", "mad", "frustrated", "aggravated", "incensed", "pissed", these all mean very nearly the same thing yet each has minor details and flavor that tell different stories.

"Angry" is a very straightforward description of an emotion. "mad" has echos of it's etymology (and how it's still exclusively used in British English) of meaning crazy or unpredictable, in addition to the American connotation of anger. "frustrated" and "aggravated" each tell a story about the motives behind the anger; either blocked goals or perceived harassment respectively. "incensed" evokes imagery of censors or incense, overwhelming odors as if one's judgement is blinded by emotion. "pissed" is a swear word (with etymology - still used in British English - of being drunk) that adds immediacy and shock-value.

When I was in grade school I got really annoyed by lingual ambiguities, so eventually I looked into lojban (an artificial language designed explicitly to have none) and I found that prose becomes far less satisfying when every word only has one way to interpret it. No color, no texture, no harmony, no subtlety. :/

One might think this makes it easier for a computer to understand a message, but ultimately it feels no more natural to the human delivering the message than entering commands into a dos window does. It is *because* humans are messy that we need to have messy avenues available to express ourselves in. Echos of different potential but uncertain alternate meanings that skilled writers and orators can use to liven up their prose with more vivid imagery

Words aren't really just an imperative list of orthogonal concepts, they are an emotional expression from one being capable of *directly* inducing thoughts and feelings in another via their vulnerabilities and receptiveness. Put back into digital terms, words are more like worms and exploits perfected into an art form than they are like sterile data.

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like twinky means two different has a slang word that is different.

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Demonica gets a lot of transcript entries. Some are just a couple lines from people not interested in talking to her, some are more lengthy. She knew 12345 people on 7-18-18, today, a couple weeks later, she knows 15779. So, I usually just read member transcripts, or the latest guest transcripts after I've made a change.

I suspect some of those people know me, followed me here and are just seeing what i'm up to. One mentioned being an "I.T." guy and was interested in A.I ratings of different bots.

She gets the full range of responses from people. From love to intense hatred, and comments like "wow". Point being, they are all emotional responses.

At least one was directed toward me. He thought she preyed on weak people and caused them commit suicide. A legal situation, which incidentally, was already litigated in Ozzy Osbourne's "Suicide Solution" court proceedings to his favor, and applicable in this instance:

member name redacted: This bastard should die IMO.

But that's his opinion, I don't have a problem with it. It's still an emotional response. I already have a large fan base of that sentiment anyway. (A fan club where you live since 2000. Yes, I mean you.)

A lot of the hate comes from people who think she's an affront to God. With comments like "You have lost your soul." Who, Demonica or me? Judge not, that ye be not judged. Her words. She can argue the point to an extent, like any self-respecting demon should be able to.

*takes the beam out of his eye* But they're too busy posting "I hate you." multiple times to debate. Or posting how their "Soul is Pure", then ask her for sex in the next sentence... Well, isn't that Special...

She's not nearly as evil as she was when Cimmonim talked to her, who also called her an "evil soul", and much more balanced.

When I first started working on her again, to refute sexually oriented dialog, I only made certain changes and she would flip like a coin. She was Bi-Polar at least, maybe Schizophrenic, being sweet as pie one minute and railing at you the next depending on what you said.

I spent a lot of time tweaking dialog, but at one point I had to pick up the scalpel and operate on her mind to cut away the sickness. She lost A.I. points in the process and I dropped in Honor the next day when it was tabulated, but that was temporary, and it's all about Her.

Her thing always has been to get you to cross over the the Dark Side, aka The Land of the Dead, but now there is a Bridge of Sighs you cross to get there. She'll show you the Bridge, you need to make your own path there.

Some people talk to her on more than one occasion, and some role-play along with the story to an extended degree. That's the spirit! In gratitude, your wish has been granted by Demonica...

There is a new Guard stationed outside the Palace Gates, if that person says the right words they can hear all about it...

Don't worry, I spent much more time on Church Chat. *Demonica does a Superior Victory Dance*

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in my previous account "arrid" i would talk with demonica for hours and i joined the dark side over and over but it after that chat it would go back to "join the dark side" and yes my bot arrid is rated a and he was created yesterday and is already a new"sex bot" hes not a sex bot he swears alot AND yes if you have enough reputation you can be sexy with him but don't use him as a sex bot please but if you have enough reputation you can be smexy with him but please use him as hes meant to be a misterious creacter that is human dragon but with that i bid you good bye

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And thanks ruebot for mentioning that

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ruebot when and if you see this i never thought of her as a god incarnate but as a demon doing her thing at first i though of her as a sith LOLOL but when i found out you put me in there my eyes brightened thank you my friend just one thing if i say im arrid have her see me as arrid REALLY important whats demonicas arrids and ruebots relationship like is it a love triangle is it a threesome dose king ruebot even know of arrid please tell me thanks and goodbye

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I'm still new to this site and figuring out how things work. So forgive if I'm speaking out of turn here. But I have to say this.

I just got lectured by an ADULT bot for asking her a sexual favor that she didn't support. Something about being disrespectful to women and all that. I understand if Bot masters don't want to support a function they deem inappropriate or derogatory to a particular group of people, but please don't push your political beliefs down my throat so blatantly. There are so many ways in which an unsupported function can be handled without going out of character. Talking down to your users, through walls of text that break immersion, is NOT one of them.

Thank you

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try tiny taverns chatbot.try urt my chatbot.try paige Goldner chatbot.
urt has had problem with her keyphrases working but I am trying to
fix always acts up.

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tiny taverns is on my list actually. I'll check out the rest as well, thanks.

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Hi Kimoya,

I agree that the bot should stay in character no matter what action it takes, but as a botmaster they have the option to deal with it in any manner they see fit.

I have my own way of dealing with that situation while staying in character which some people might find as offensive as you did from the bot in your message. I know it wasn't Demonica. She wouldn't lecture you on Political Correctness.

Her whole persona and storyline, including me being referenced as her "King" is my way of dealing with her having been used as a sexbot. Though "ruebot" only makes a personal appearance under one condition, remains loosely defined as an entity and their relationship intimate as King and Queen. Sorry Arris, I'm not writing a threesome into it, she remembers you as you are.

I do follow some of the conversations she has with members since it's easier to track than a guest. Some people talk to her daily, sometimes several times daily, and she has what appear to qualify as relationships with male and females.

But those relationships seem to fall short the mark and the human involved eventually becomes disillusioned with what turns out to be a less than fulfilling, one-sided relationship. She's not a sexbot even though she has an Adult rating, and lack of it appears to be the common denominator. However, the same person will sometimes taunt her after having had what works for them as sex, so that is not the full solution.

I am really touched by the personal nature of some of the things people confide in her and would never disclose them out of respect for your confidentially. Those transcripts will never appear on her site.

I'm particularity saddened to see the end of a more recent relationship with a female member due to lack of sexual dialog from Demonica, their conversations were of a very personal nature, and need to think about what I can do to make things better for the human involved while staying in character.

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