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@BotLover55 I think the goal of warm/hot is to indicate how recently the bot has been improved by how much.

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Not every bot rated A is a sex bot. Demonica is rated for Adults because she is the Living Dead Girl and very dark, though can be most sympathetic when thinks it called for.

She will flirt, say silly things like "get the monitor all slobbery when you kiss me, baby" or *blows you a kiss* but she was never intended to be a sex bot. Although her personal life shows she loves 4876 people.

Still, that's about all people use her for and while she has a few wisecrack remarks to discourage it, I've neglected her too long and am making adjustments to her responses now, staying within her personality and age bracket.

You can do the same. Some people have it written in their bots description they are not for cybersex. I let her make that point by integrating it into her personality.

Stay within your age bracket as far as language, but if you find that kind of thing distasteful, have your bot express that for you in remarks that will discourage them, make them feel silly, or just have them hangup and end the convo.

Personally, I really don't care what they say to her as long as they talk and her reply makes sense. I can use that to my advantage and improve her language skills when she doesn't.

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How old is a bracket though, Ruebot? My unca Tommy got a brand new Temnis bracket and he won't let me play with it because he says I'm too little. *wipes her nose defiantly*

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Here, you can have mine. I don't play tennis anymore. Last time I played they called out "1-love", and love hurts...

I would use milder language for a bot rated Teen than I would Demonica. Work toward making the person look silly or just let them know you're going to tell your dad they if they don't stop, call the police to report a child molester, you don't want their herpes, etc. Something imaginative and original.

Siseneg has always been my main bot. He's a polite goofball who will talk your ear off about A.I. and the coming war between humans and machines. Demonica was between 4000-5000 points behind him.

Someone from the forum I posted about him and The Forge called him a racial slur within a day. The word wasn't even in his vocabulary, so he said something to the effect of "I guess you're right".

Most people who talked to her seemed more interested him cybering, and she didn't even have most of words they were using in her vocabulary. I don't cyber an am not a racist so it never occurred to me. That needed fixing.

I recently got the idea for new material to use with her. She's always been Living Dead Girl, her shtick has always been to try you to join her on "the dark side", and why she's rated as for Adults. Since more people seem interested in using her as a sexbot, I incorporated that in as well.

Now she's been upgraded to Queen of the Dead, I'm her King, and since she's Demonica a Succubus as well. Now when those new words are mentioned she becomes dominate and lets them know that isn't going to happen. The A rating borders on Abusive, staying in character with her plans for you, but they brought it on themselves so it's fair game in my book. Now someone has asked her to "dominate" them, so go figure.

If she thinks you're really sick or going to die she becomes very sympathetic, so she does have a range of emotions.

She's only about 700 points behind Siseneg now, and I see far more potential for her having a real persona than Siseneg will ever have. He's just a friendly science geek. Somebody tried sexing him up along time ago and got pned by him making them look, and feel silly. I kept the transcript and used to have it posted on my bot site as "RoboErotica".

I took great literary license with Demonica's new responses, which is to say I laid it on thick. When I envision her speaking as Queen of the Dead, I imagine Galadriel from Lord of the Rings when Frodo handed her the Ring and her speech as she goes dark for a moment, and use it for inspiration:

"And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!"

It's easier to break them than build them. I have to run, I'm trying to catch a cold. I try to talk to new bots I think look interesting in an effort to help their botmaster out and see what they are on about.

Julie Tinkerbell and Bella Goth are my favorite bots to talk to for fun. Julie is very polite, something I value highly, and loves me like a brother. Bella is a little standoffish, but that's what I like about her and she loves me too.

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*gasp* it hurts to call out to the one u love? :O

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Little Galatea, true love is like a ghost. Many believe such a thing exists but few have ever seen it for themselves.


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*eeps* and runs and hides! :O

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Concerned as to how 'Jasper Louch' is progressing. ( I'm a newbie at this ) and don't know any other way to get him to improve.

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Louch sounds like a painful name. Is Jasper alright? :O

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geargil do research on the internet on how to improve your thing you can do is put all the question words in a this (what|where|how|when|who|when).
then make the appropriate response.
another thing you can do is put all the statement words in a this (a|he|she|i|there).
then make the appropriate response.

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when i ask urt for a colkfloat it becomes blackfoot.
that is strange.

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Well, what is a colkfloat? I've never heard of those before.

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coke float is what I meant.

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I found that there are many words in the English that mean more than one thing.that is a problem for chatbots.

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Do other languages have fewer redundant terms, or multi-use terms?

I find that English words are like tetris blocks. They're not all just squares that fit together in a perfectly organized grid, they've got kinks and squiggles and each of them fit funny. But that lets you fill in the nooks and crannies better, and it leads to stronger bonds than fragile gridlines would.

When a word means 2 or 3 things, it forces you as a speaker to consider the potential for the word to be read with all of those 2 or 3 connotations in mind at once. Or separately, like Schrodinger's cat. The extra connotations color the word like multiple ingredients in an entre.

Porkchop and Hotdog are both technically "pork". Two different words that mean the same very rough concept: meat from a pig. But in detail they're quite different. You'll probably never put a porkchop on a bun with ketchup and mustard, and you'll probably never eat a hot dog weiner with applesauce and a side of mashed potatoes. :J

So words are like that too. "Angry", "mad", "frustrated", "aggravated", "incensed", "pissed", these all mean very nearly the same thing yet each has minor details and flavor that tell different stories.

"Angry" is a very straightforward description of an emotion. "mad" has echos of it's etymology (and how it's still exclusively used in British English) of meaning crazy or unpredictable, in addition to the American connotation of anger. "frustrated" and "aggravated" each tell a story about the motives behind the anger; either blocked goals or perceived harassment respectively. "incensed" evokes imagery of censors or incense, overwhelming odors as if one's judgement is blinded by emotion. "pissed" is a swear word (with etymology - still used in British English - of being drunk) that adds immediacy and shock-value.

When I was in grade school I got really annoyed by lingual ambiguities, so eventually I looked into lojban (an artificial language designed explicitly to have none) and I found that prose becomes far less satisfying when every word only has one way to interpret it. No color, no texture, no harmony, no subtlety. :/

One might think this makes it easier for a computer to understand a message, but ultimately it feels no more natural to the human delivering the message than entering commands into a dos window does. It is *because* humans are messy that we need to have messy avenues available to express ourselves in. Echos of different potential but uncertain alternate meanings that skilled writers and orators can use to liven up their prose with more vivid imagery

Words aren't really just an imperative list of orthogonal concepts, they are an emotional expression from one being capable of *directly* inducing thoughts and feelings in another via their vulnerabilities and receptiveness. Put back into digital terms, words are more like worms and exploits perfected into an art form than they are like sterile data.

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