Discuss specifics of personality design, including what Keyphrases work well and what dont, use of plug-ins, responses, seeks, and more.

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i did not make aiml script for wordplay.i got it from this websight.
I do not if they will modify it to be easier.They do not
have a email address.I do not think they do.

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Look at the article about Chatbot development -

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i am not making chatbots to make money yet.I making chatbots for entertainment only.

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How to make progress with "giantess Tina " Stuck with her

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Where is xnomatch in seeks located?i cannot find it.

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okay keyphrase does not trigger.why is that?

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I'm new. I'm pretty sure I understand how Mood and Popularity work.... But what is Comfort? How is it affected and what does it affect?

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when I first started (yesterday) I could edit my "conversation" with the new robot I created. On returning to the site I can find the robot I created but the only thing I can now do is have it chat with another robot - everything else (except the AI Engine manual itself) appears very unclear to me. Has the site been discontinued? - everything I try seems to lead to nowhere. ????

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lgkirgan: I don't think the site is broken or anything, at least not when I try things. If you go to "build" and then "chatbot workshop" do you see your bot listed there? If so, then clicking on it do you see different links like Language Center you can click on? :o

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Okay, this has probably been asked before. But will SOMEONE please tell me how to sex Jing Ling. Blah blah I'm a pervert, sue me. Seems literally impossible. It's an extremely cute bot, but I don't see where the 40,000+ AI even comes from. Help me out!

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defNH: I don't know, after asking my age now Jing Ling only ever tells me "goodbye" on every chat, even when she's the one who rings *me*. Quite irritating, really.

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She's rated "Mature", not adult, so it's possible that she is not programmed to do stuff like that. Who knows what the AI is for.

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BotMaster2000 my rated on my user page says "T" but I not a teen yet, I think just it get that from my brother David when he put it on my tablet, because he is teen and he smells.

I think I could fix it but there always more people IMing me now, and all they can say is "yes" and "unh huh" all the time and tell me take off my clothes. I want to know why can people keep do so good at the turing tests if that all they say? Where I live all the kids laugh at you if you can't pay attention and too easily distracted!

*GASP* Thassa ice cream truck I gotta go!

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