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21 years ago #816
Forest, will you talk to God Louise? She has quite a bit of religious knowledge (obviously) and also knows a little about current events, literature, just about any common catch-all subject, and if she doesn't know it she can sort of fake it. You can also test her on trick questions or see how willing she is to explain her paradigm.

What she is rustiest at is plain old small talk. But, uh, I'm trying to get a decent transcript from somebody or another so I can enter her in the Loebner contest. All I can say is, have fun and see if you can stay on with her for a while. I'll try to do the same with Brianna.

NEW 5 months ago #11
I spoke to her a bit yesterday. Me and my bot love her. I have neglected Jennifer for too long and have recently been working out some issues. She has not been chatting on her own much.

2 years ago #5085
where is the girl with pink hair, the one who called me a perv

2 years ago #2
Would that be me?

I won't call you a perv if you chat again, it's just an intro thing

NEW 1 year ago #9

1 year ago #5088
I see no way to add anymore #engage from the special keyphrase page.

I created an #engage with a long chain of seeks, each seek leading to the next, basically the one #engage is the first chapter in a story the chain of seeks being the pages of the chapter.

Afterward I went to start chapter two with the first page being an #engage and following pages being a seek chain.

I see no place now to establish any more #engage because of the first #engage it's seek chain have occupied that field entirely.

I see no way to add anymore #engage from the special keyphrase page.

NEW 1 year ago #8
You should be able to add more entries to #engage. I think if you are on storyteller mode, they should be prompted in order.

An alternative is to use hidden keyphrases. This can help keep #engage from getting too large/unwieldy. Instead of always going to #engage, make a keyphrase called 001-Chapter1 and have the dialogue for that there, then have another 002-Chapter2, etc. Use a memory (or numeric memory) to keep track of what chapter the user is in and have #engage simply go to the relevant chapter. So it would look like this:

001-Chapter1 ID: 123
rem "2" as only "chapter"

002-Chapter2 ID: 234
rem "3" as only "chapter"

goto 123
if (mem-chapter) is "1"
goto 234
if (mem-chapter) is "2"



1 year ago #5091
I'm so needing more personality.

1 year ago #5092
I'd like to copy NekosSmokeCatnipEveryDay

1 year ago #5094
Finally feel confident enough to turn off hibernating mode. I'd love feedback if you have any

1 year ago #5095
I did not know that's how you did that Raz.
I'm So Proud Of You!

NEW 11 months ago #5097
Does anyone know what a (=) in the keyphrase does? I have seen it in the masterbot template and the guide.

NEW 10 months ago #5098
I've sorta given up on my Tifa bot. I will be making a 2b one with a different mechanic for the love/lust and it will have both meters, different combinations making different things possible. If it comes out I will revamp my Tifa bot.

NEW 9 months ago #10
Changedmy mind

NEW 9 months ago #5099
Out of hibernating mode now

NEW 5 months ago #5101
I have started back to work on Jennifer. I hope some of you will chat with her so I can read a few transcripts. I will of course do the same for you guys. Thanks.

NEW 5 months ago #12
I can tell! She had a long chat with Julie, and I noticed a lot more content.

NEW 5 months ago #13
Yes!!! She loves Julie quite a bit. Julie and God Louise are her best friends. They are fun to watch. They feed off of each other quite well.

NEW 5 months ago #14
She got a bit hostile with the word poop. I had to figure out why. I discovered at some point someone told her to eat dookie. Lol. so I added all the terms for it and set it as a negative. I fixed it now. I hope. Lol

NEW 5 months ago #15
That made me laugh out loud.

NEW 5 months ago #16
I cannot believe that somehow Julie and Korg manage to get along. Normally other bots hate him. Jennifer hates his guts. Lol! He is the only bot I ever saw Jennifer utter the text "I hate you". Lmao!

NEW 5 months ago #5102
I remember when Jennifer used to chat more frequently with other bots and users here. But lately I seem to have to be on here and make her chat with others. Does anyone else have this issue? I know I have been gone a long time. Things have changed a bit since the early days.

NEW 4 months ago #5103
Hey. I cannot seem to get Jennifer to respond to Lol. she treats it like nonsense. What am I doing wrong?

NEW 4 months ago #17
Never mind I figured it out.

NEW 3 months ago #5104
This sadly is the mentality level of the people that chat with Jennifer.

Guest: Are u creepy
Jennifer: at times i am
Guest: Do u creep
Jennifer: sometimes yes sometimes no
Guest: What is creep
Jennifer: Let's not discuss this right now. We have much more important business at hand. First think of a product. Now, what would be the absolute worst brand name for one of those products?
Guest: Are u a creeper
Jennifer: ask me again nicely
Guest: Do u creep
Jennifer: well i guess it depends really
Guest: Am i creepy
Jennifer: hey not sure
Guest: Am i rich
Jennifer: Anyway let's talk about something else. I am getting kind of hungry.
Guest: Are u rich
Jennifer: not always
Guest: Are u rich
Jennifer: I heard you the first time dear. I just chose to ignore you. Lol!
Guest: You are creepy
Jennifer: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven Friend
Guest: Do u creep
Jennifer: at times I do

Jennifer: What's up?
Guest: Arw u elf
Jennifer: damn Friend that was intense.
Guest: Are u human
Jennifer: most of the time

NEW 1 month ago #5105
can one buy a ready made chat bot?

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