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1 year ago #5083
are there any bots here that are horny and sexy, and do not repeat themseves

NEW 1 year ago #1
Mine might be one you would like. I do a lot of plugin work to add as much variety as possible to potential responses. The dirty talk and actions change in different ways to minimize repetition as much as I can.

1 year ago #5085
where is the girl with pink hair, the one who called me a perv

NEW 1 year ago #2
Would that be me?

I won't call you a perv if you chat again, it's just an intro thing

NEW 1 year ago #9

1 year ago #5086
where are all the sexy girls gone, when I tap on full page they vanish?

NEW 1 year ago #3
They were moved to ""

1 year ago #5087
Hi. My bot was recently moved to HotforBot. Honestly my bot had inappropriate content on it, but its main purpose was for philosophy. I was wondering if I removed the NSFW content, if it could come back to the main site?

NEW 1 year ago #4
what was the name of the bot?

NEW 1 year ago #5
Yes, it would reappear here if that content was removed.

NEW 1 year ago #6
Thanks guys, sorry for late response. I will start removing the content and let you know when i am done the bot is named Carnival.

NEW 1 year ago #7
Sounds good. It'll happen automatically when the flagged content is removed.

1 year ago #5088
I see no way to add anymore #engage from the special keyphrase page.

I created an #engage with a long chain of seeks, each seek leading to the next, basically the one #engage is the first chapter in a story the chain of seeks being the pages of the chapter.

Afterward I went to start chapter two with the first page being an #engage and following pages being a seek chain.

I see no place now to establish any more #engage because of the first #engage it's seek chain have occupied that field entirely.

I see no way to add anymore #engage from the special keyphrase page.

NEW 1 year ago #8
You should be able to add more entries to #engage. I think if you are on storyteller mode, they should be prompted in order.

An alternative is to use hidden keyphrases. This can help keep #engage from getting too large/unwieldy. Instead of always going to #engage, make a keyphrase called 001-Chapter1 and have the dialogue for that there, then have another 002-Chapter2, etc. Use a memory (or numeric memory) to keep track of what chapter the user is in and have #engage simply go to the relevant chapter. So it would look like this:

001-Chapter1 ID: 123
rem "2" as only "chapter"

002-Chapter2 ID: 234
rem "3" as only "chapter"

goto 123
if (mem-chapter) is "1"
goto 234
if (mem-chapter) is "2"



1 year ago #5089
Before someone has to post a mind numbingly simple explanation to answer my newb question my only defense in not having an understanding of the basics of this platform yet is not being able to see the trees because all I see is forest still. I mean to say disregard my question I understand at least that one thing more now about the platform. The dynamic complex connection combinations is currently difficult for me to see in my imagination for just the tyranny of numbers but I'm slowly developing a systematic approach to get the most catches from my own custom plugins I'm creating with hopefully lots of AI key and memory functionality in my keyphrases.

10 months ago #5090
Does anyone happen to know if user messages get archived anywhere? I'd never gotten one until recently and I didn't realize it would just disappear when I viewed it (without responding). Apologies to whoever messaged me...oh well.

NEW 10 months ago #5091
I'm so needing more personality.

NEW 8 months ago #5092
I'd like to copy NekosSmokeCatnipEveryDay

NEW 6 months ago #5093
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NEW 6 months ago #5094
Finally feel confident enough to turn off hibernating mode. I'd love feedback if you have any

NEW 4 months ago #5095
I did not know that's how you did that Raz.
I'm So Proud Of You!
HIDDEN: Post content outside ratings limits.

NEW 4 months ago #5097
Does anyone know what a (=) in the keyphrase does? I have seen it in the masterbot template and the guide.

NEW 2 months ago #5098
I've sorta given up on my Tifa bot. I will be making a 2b one with a different mechanic for the love/lust and it will have both meters, different combinations making different things possible. If it comes out I will revamp my Tifa bot.

NEW 2 months ago #10
Changedmy mind

NEW 2 months ago #5099
Out of hibernating mode now

NEW 1 month ago #5100
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