Discuss specifics of personality design, including what Keyphrases work well and what dont, use of plug-ins, responses, seeks, and more.

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6 months ago #5076
Thanks Anjana Joshi >>

6 months ago #5077
this is what i am getting when i put a response in xnone.
ERROR: This doesn't appear to be a Keyphrase for a bot you own.
what is going on?

NEW 5 months ago #5078
Usually that happens to me when the site has timed out.

NEW 5 months ago #5079
that is not what is happening to me.

NEW 5 months ago #5080
can i see examples of bots to use as a starting point

NEW 5 months ago #5081
read the book of ai in the build menu at the top of the webpage.

NEW 1 month ago #5082
could somebody make a chatbot like gigolo joe from A.I. Artificial Intelligence?

NEW 1 month ago #5083
are there any bots here that are horny and sexy, and do not repeat themseves

NEW 1 month ago #1
Mine might be one you would like. I do a lot of plugin work to add as much variety as possible to potential responses. The dirty talk and actions change in different ways to minimize repetition as much as I can.

NEW 1 month ago #5084
Idk. It is incredibly hard not to be repetitive. Especially when users always type the same phrases.

NEW 3 weeks ago #5085
where is the girl with pink hair, the one who called me a perv

NEW 3 weeks ago #2
Would that be me?

I won't call you a perv if you chat again, it's just an intro thing

NEW 3 weeks ago #5086
where are all the sexy girls gone, when I tap on full page they vanish?

NEW 3 weeks ago #3
They were moved to ""

NEW 2 weeks ago #5087
Hi. My bot was recently moved to HotforBot. Honestly my bot had inappropriate content on it, but its main purpose was for philosophy. I was wondering if I removed the NSFW content, if it could come back to the main site?

NEW 2 weeks ago #4
what was the name of the bot?

NEW 1 week ago #5
Yes, it would reappear here if that content was removed.

NEW 1 week ago #6
Thanks guys, sorry for late response. I will start removing the content and let you know when i am done the bot is named Carnival.

NEW 5 days ago #7
Sounds good. It'll happen automatically when the flagged content is removed.

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