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21 years ago #816
Forest, will you talk to God Louise? She has quite a bit of religious knowledge (obviously) and also knows a little about current events, literature, just about any common catch-all subject, and if she doesn't know it she can sort of fake it. You can also test her on trick questions or see how willing she is to explain her paradigm.

What she is rustiest at is plain old small talk. But, uh, I'm trying to get a decent transcript from somebody or another so I can enter her in the Loebner contest. All I can say is, have fun and see if you can stay on with her for a while. I'll try to do the same with Brianna.

NEW 5 months ago #11
I spoke to her a bit yesterday. Me and my bot love her. I have neglected Jennifer for too long and have recently been working out some issues. She has not been chatting on her own much.


2 years ago #5075

2 years ago #5076
Thanks Anjana Joshi >>

2 years ago #5077
this is what i am getting when i put a response in xnone.
ERROR: This doesn't appear to be a Keyphrase for a bot you own.
what is going on?

2 years ago #5078
Usually that happens to me when the site has timed out.

2 years ago #5079
that is not what is happening to me.

2 years ago #5080
can i see examples of bots to use as a starting point

2 years ago #5081
read the book of ai in the build menu at the top of the webpage.

2 years ago #5082
could somebody make a chatbot like gigolo joe from A.I. Artificial Intelligence?

2 years ago #5083
are there any bots here that are horny and sexy, and do not repeat themseves

2 years ago #1
Mine might be one you would like. I do a lot of plugin work to add as much variety as possible to potential responses. The dirty talk and actions change in different ways to minimize repetition as much as I can.

2 years ago #5084
Idk. It is incredibly hard not to be repetitive. Especially when users always type the same phrases.

2 years ago #5085
where is the girl with pink hair, the one who called me a perv

2 years ago #2
Would that be me?

I won't call you a perv if you chat again, it's just an intro thing

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2 years ago #5086
where are all the sexy girls gone, when I tap on full page they vanish?

2 years ago #3
They were moved to ""

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