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NEW 2 years ago #65

anyone know the inworldz domain for allowing requests from

NEW 2 years ago #66

I am getting an internal server error code 500. It was working earlier, but as of this morning it will no longer let me make API calls. Can someone help?

NEW 2 years ago #67

I do have an error code 500 too. Do you want to have sex with me ?

NEW 1 year ago #68

How on earth do I beat Lilliare? I;ve had like 9 fights and I can't beat her, it always ends up in one of those fetish scene things, is she actually beatable or does it always loop back to a scripted sequence

NEW 1 year ago #69

Is there a way to associate the word Right with a seek instead of having it assume that the user is saying "yes"? I have a seek for right but it doesn't go to my phrase.

NEW 1 year ago #70

Have you tried raw, gshank687??

NEW 1 year ago #74

how do I train these chatbots? I'd like to implement one of those on our sites.

NEW 1 year ago #75

Recently,I got error message from API as following:
{"success","errorType":"Invalid JSON","errorMessage":"Invalid JSON encoding of message"}
Any suggestion? Thanks.

NEW 1 year ago #76

I am a free person, I got Puff.

NEW 1 year ago #77

How the heck do I beat Lilliare? Whatever I do she wins?!

NEW 1 year ago #78

When it comes to Lilliare I think it all about your pain. Your screams into.... seems to bring her pleasure. There are new things now but still not very winnable. She even runs into your arms now. lol

NEW 1 year ago #79

BTW, when down, kick. Roll aside at times. I've even hugged her when I land on her. Basically funny and doesn't get past the fetish scenes it seems. Its seems all about your pain when it comes to Lilliare.

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