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1 year ago #136
are u human?

1 year ago #137
Yes, Micaella, I'm human.

That's my website for my bot Demonica. I have transcripts of conversations she's had and just put up some free wallpapers today. I can be contacted through her site or my main site:


I see Bowchickawowers has entered Love Agent, also known as Audry, in the Online Turing Test.

Way to go, Bowchickawowers!

I'm going to add a section for the Turing Test with Official Transcripts and will have a link to Audry and Frizella where people can talk to them both.

I want use to do well, and more than anything, for us to get the recognition we deserve.

I would be as happy for each of you if you won as I would be for myself. Even happier, because I don't need to win the Turing Test.

Today I saw in my Server logs my site for Demonica has been tagged with a short Twitter URL as a "potentially dangerous site."

People from Twitter are coming in to see the transcript of the conversation between Demonica and Kuki, or Mitsuku.

I have one I'm putting up tonight where she talks to Cleverbot.

1 year ago #138

1 year ago #139
I'm excited to give the contest a try!

8 months ago #140
Anyone having any issues with keyphrases that store memories causing errors with the api? ^-^ Keeps giving me "Request failed: error" anytime I try to test them yet normal keyphrases work n' they work fine on the normal site

8 months ago #141
make a reset keyphrase to reset all your scripts and see if that works.
i did that and it worked.

8 months ago #142
Meaning use forget for every memory state? If so this is going to take a bit... : P Currently my "Reset" Keyphrase only uses Remember/as only to reset peeps back and doesn't fix the issue

8 months ago #143 Showing the issue

8 months ago #144
i mean like this.

keyphrase = reset
response = reset accomplished

rem "blank" as only "myquestion";
rem "blank" as only "wearein";
rem "blank" as only "iamon";
rem "blank" as only "youon";
rem "blank" as only "infrof";
rem "blank" as only "bntbarm";
rem "blank" as only "bntbyard";
rem "blank" as only "bntkit";
rem "blank" as only "bntlrm";
rem "blank" as only "bntbrm";
rem "blank" as only "doesaik";
rem "blank" as only "theseareas"

could not read what was on the video the text is too

8 months ago #145
Yeah bot already had that in place prior n' didn't fix that issue. -w

7 months ago #146
I was also accidently deleted my account on this and when I searched a lot on net I have found a software which is dr.fon which help me to recover my account and also lost data via pc.

6 months ago #147

-wo Putting this here again with a slightly updated video if anyone knows the issue~

Only issue is on sites with certain keyphrases. (Shown in video)

Discord bot works fine. : P

Reached out to the PF email n' no response on the issue so far. Have a site developer looking into it for awhile now, but with no avail.

Posts 136 - 147 of 159

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