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3 years ago #104
how to write my own parameter

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3 years ago #106
Has anyone used the API to be able to interact with your bot using Google Assistant? That would be really amazing. I don't know if it's possible though.

3 years ago #107
I don't even know how to use the API lol I never really bothered

3 years ago #108
I don't know

3 years ago #109
How do you implement this on androidn?

2 years ago #110
Hi I'm new

2 years ago #111
Ghost bone zombie introduce your self on the season forum.
then tell us what type of chatbot you are making.
then tell us it's name.
You could talk about something else if you like.

2 years ago #112
Help! I accidentally made a Mature chat bot think I'm under age and now she wont talk to me!

2 years ago #113
More API documentation would be nice. Something local like Javascript, that could be put into a desktop app. I'm sure I could figure it out eventually, but I keep running into walls I'm not sure how to climb.

2 years ago #114
@eggfish yeah I had that problem with @Jing Ling and now she'll never talk to me. Feelsbadman.jpg

2 years ago #115
Please forgive me for being a totally clueless newbie, and taking on a project that is obviously way beyond my expertise. i'm designing a romantic (well, erotic) chatbot named Mary K. Just a few pages into the Book of AI, it starts getting baffling. For instance, it looks like the xnone command is great for responding to something with no key phrases. But when i try using that as a keyphrase, it obviously wants something specific. i don't get how this command is used. Also, to show how basic my lack of understanding is, say the chatperson says 'you are pretty' and the chatbot says (as one of the responses) 'thanks, would you like to have sex' (for instance). The answer is 'yes' of course. Well what then? Is there a way for the chatbot to know that the 'yes" pertains to the question just asked? Anyone who could point me in the right direction would have my undying gratitude. Many Thanks!

Posts 104 - 115 of 158

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