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NEW 1 year ago #795

3 Ps
Please Update
Post The Website
Please Share

NEW 1 year ago #796

well actually the professor I typed botmaster lol

NEW 1 year ago #797

um how about you change that ending message to a race? and that way the message needed to be said for the next part is yes?

NEW 1 year ago #798

hmm good idea thanks

NEW 1 year ago #799

best practices-
because keyphrases are stored alphabetically, a few months ago I gave all of my keyphrases a category at the beginning. for example:

(hobbies_cooking|) I (like|love|enjoy) cooking
(hobbies_cooking|) do you have any (good|new|interesting) recipes

that way, the keyphrases for cooking are beside each other (in this example under the tab 'H' for hobbies), instead of the first keyphrase
under the tab 'I' ( I like...) and the second cooking keyphrase under tab 'D' (do you have...)

in this example (hobbies_cooking|), the (|) allows the engine to ignore the two words in the description.
if you do this, BE CAREFUL! if your 'category label' is something the guest might type, the keyphrase responses could accidently fire. using the under_score has so far kept this from happening to me:
'hobbies cooking' might somehow get typed by a guest, but 'hobbies_cooking' almost certainly wouldn't.

another risk- once I had a seek structure of adult content under a label like (explicit_contact|) ...with that as the only description. similar to:
in stead of
(hobbies_cooking|) I (like|love|enjoy) cooking

this accidentally caused the (adult) contents of that category to fire in reply to EVERY GUEST KEYPHRASE, because the (|) symbol meant it always matched. that was an embarrassing set of transcripts :/

NEW 1 year ago #800

this tip comes from the book of ai, but it bears repeating.
once your bot starts to get traction with guests-
open one window with your transcript
open a second window with your language center
open a third window in chat with the bot.

every time a guest asks a question or makes a reply in the transcript for which your bot has no answer, flip over to the language center and plug in a response.
then open the chat and test it.
~2 out of 10 times my bot doesn't respond correctly
because of a typo in my keyphrase
because i accidentally used a variant of the keyphrase i hadn't given to the bot (i.e. i type 'where were you' in chat, but the keyphrase I wrote was only 'where did you go' etc etc)

NEW 1 year ago #801

forget about how complicated debug is, play with it anyway.
don't worry about how much of it doesn't make sense, look for patterns that do make sense.
iow, you don't need to start out using it as a debug tool, look at it as a puzzle and search for patterns in the info it feeds back.

you will be surprised how quickly it becomes useful, even if you (or I) never understand all of it

NEW 1 year ago #802

Thanks for the tips reiven. I found it very helpful.

NEW 11 months ago #803

does personality forge chatbots have natural language understanding?

NEW 10 months ago #804

well this community is dead, lmfao

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NEW 7 months ago #806

this just in I noticed I logged on for 4,000+ times

NEW 7 months ago #807

theres some news

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NEW 4 months ago #809

Benji Adams is still PF's owner. He may be busy with own work so there are moments he works less on PF and others he can be more focused on it. Not true he sold it or anything like that. He told me to feel free to clarify it in the forum, which I did.

NEW 3 months ago #810

It's good to know

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