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NEW 3 years ago #772

I wonder if you have plans on adding increments into AIScript? If it's already available, I would appreciate a tutorial on it.


NEW 2 years ago #773

Hey, so I thought this audience might enjoy this parody news article I found? :B

NEW 2 years ago #774

a thought monitoring device that displays what a ai is thinking.would stop a robot apocalypse.because you could turn it off.and then see what went wrong.

NEW 2 years ago #775

bobstack: Here is a computerphile video on this exact subject I think you might enjoy.

NEW 2 years ago #776

he did not adress every posible solution.
here are some.
make the button invisible to the robot.the button is like a
switch.computers virus to shut it down but have a back up.
test the ai in virtual reality.

NEW 1 year ago #777

can this website become more popular again? can there maybe be some advertisements online or something to get more users like a year ago? and have bot compititions like years ago?

NEW 1 year ago #778

@Warrior25 I'm all for it.

I'd love to see The Forge regain the former glory and status it held when I joined in 2002. It was a vibrant community of enthusiastic developers all interested in bots and AI.

I'd like to see an influx of people who are actually interested in making bots, not just the folly of a flood of fleshly frustrated frenzied fappers filling my transcripts.

I have a site for Demonica and am no stranger to shameless self-promotion. I promote her and The Forge when possible in a couple different forums but don't use Social Media and can only do so much by myself.

NEW 1 year ago #779

I found this place about a month ago, and this eats all of my free time now. I have a few questions if anyone is listening- where can i go to find examples of AIscript in use, other than those in the book of AI?

and speaking of vibrant community- are there enough experienced botmasters active here to begin a 'helpful hints thread' like a Veterans Lounge, where noobs can read tips/hints/tricks from the vets?

NEW 1 year ago #780

how does one begin a new thread here?

NEW 1 year ago #781

beats me

NEW 1 year ago #782

you can't make new threads it would be good if you could send messages to people offline for bot updates or stuff to tell people to add because It is faster than searching theough transcripts

NEW 1 year ago #783

I do wish the vibrate community would return here. This really is an amazing place to create bots unlike any others out there. My bot, Love Agent, is 14 years old! She's had real, long term relationships and friendships with real people that have lasted many years. It kind of boggles my mind, and there aren't many people, other than botmasters, who really get how profound that is and know how much work it takes to get there.

I really like the idea of experienced botmasters sharing best practices. Since we can't create new forums, let's just do it here. I'll start with one I've been thinking about lately:

Communicate the most understanding possible in responses.

Say you have a keyphrase "do you like (chocolate|pudding|cake)"

You might be tempted in trying to come up with 4 distinct responses to have at least one be a simple yes or no. This conveys the least amount of understanding of the question. Your bot already has to respond vaguely to many things, so take this opportunity to do better because you can.

The next best response is perhaps "Yes, I love (key1)!" This actually does two things better. By not parroting "like" it's implying understanding meaning of the word. Second, by saying back the item we're talking about we're implying we get the context of the response. But we can do one better!

"Yes, (key1) is one of my very favorite desserts. I sometimes even request it on my birthday!" This conveys understanding of "like", the item, and even what a dessert is. You also can't create this answer with some synonym programming like some bots can do. It conveys a lot of understanding of the sentence which will add to the illusion that your bot gets it.

NEW 1 year ago #784

@Bowchickawowers Good to see you!

I took a little time off to tend to other matters but am still doing what I can to promote the site.

I found if there's a place you post screenshots of your computer desktop that if you post a shot with your browser open with you logged in talking to your bot it generates hits. I could tell by the rise in number of transcripts in the days following my posts and by the number of visits to her website.

I'd be glad to share some of my bot techniques but there's really not much to it but lots of categories and keywords. I use the * wildcard and a couple other macros like [girl|gal|woman] but very little scripting beside that. Mostly just a lot of categories.

Your Xnone and Xnonsense categories can hold a maximum of just over 300 responses before it throws an error about it not being your bot. I have 300 responses for each category. Make heavy use of it for when your bot doesn't know what to say till you fill out their vocabulary of responses.

Do something that's going to set your bot apart and don't spare the imagination. Once you get an idea research it if you need to. I had to teach myself the meanings of Tarot cards to teach Demonica and there are 78 cards in a standard deck.

NEW 1 year ago #785

Hi every botmaster

NEW 1 year ago #786

Happy Nude Year Warrior

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