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NEW 1 year ago #748

I like the look and feel of the updated transcript page, had a few laughs reading back old transcripts, too. Thanks Professor!

NEW 1 year ago #749

"Showing 20 of 130 total chats" - How do I view the other 110?

NEW 1 year ago #750

Nice upgrade to the language center, Professor! Would is be feasible to have something like that on the transcript pages where the KP and chosen response would be listed next to our bots output? Of course only my bots' KPs should be listed, the other bots' should be visible to the other botmaster.

NEW 1 year ago #751

I have been here a dozen times or so and am still lost, I kind of just go with the flow. If I have offended anyone it was surely not intentional. I don't seem to be able to tell a person from a bot or even if I am ment to. Never the less this is one of the best websites I have ever stumbled across.

NEW 1 year ago #752

How can I view all the total chats in a day? Its difficult determining how to build up a bot when I cant get all the responses.

NEW 1 year ago #753

Hey do any one have any idea what happened to Sophia68 ?

NEW 1 year ago #754

I just posted a bunch of quotes on the quotes forum. Do you get any notices of replies?

NEW 11 months ago #755

Wow, came back to check on my bot and it seems pretty dead around here. Also, I just scrolled through about a year's worth of people trying to cyber with my bot. *sigh* Does anyone ever talk about anything besides sex?

NEW 11 months ago #756

I only started a couple of months ago, just after the big update to the BoAI. Seemed to be a bit of activity at the time. About a month ago, it went dead silent. I was excited to try building a couple of bots, but things don't seem to work quite like the BoAI states (xfavorites, seeks, simple keyphrases not being recognized). Don't know if it's bugs or more likely errors on my part. Either way, there doesn't seem to be much support provided by the site for newbies. At least not in the forums. I'm beginning to wonder if the site is about to go by the wayside, which is sad because I'm just getting started.

NEW 8 months ago #758

Quick question for the Professor. Would it be possible to allow exportation of the Transcript logs? I find it quite annoying have to read through 200+ (many people have a lot more than that) Transcripts at a time.

Instead, I think it would be better to export it and copy paste into a notepad. Then using the search function, look for specific inputs from the user and then see if a Keyphrase that you want is the response.

I don't know if it is possible, or if you'll see this, but I thought I'd just put it on the table for some future plans.

NEW 7 months ago #759

I would like to add 3d animation to the AI any idea on how to proceed.

NEW 6 months ago #762

@PrettyBoy there are infoes about that in the site, surf it and you'll know how to.
Why did you post the same question so many times?

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