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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 4 months ago #7914

keyphrases cannot contain punctuation and & is a punctuation.

NEW 4 months ago #7915

Ok, ive changed it so it reads Dom and sub, but Im still haveing to same problem.

NEW 4 months ago #7916

could you post a screenshot?
use sniptool.
then put the picture on websight.

NEW 4 months ago #7917


Try setting the priority of 'Dom and Sub' much higher (at least 50). Sometimes xcommand will try to override your commands if they're low priority.

NEW 4 months ago #7918

If you have capitals in your seek/keyphrase, change them to lowercase, the parser messes otherwise. Other than that, hard to diagnose without knowing what the output from debug is when you try the keyphrase. Low chance dom is getting hit by autocorrect.

NEW 3 months ago #7919

I would like to hear patreon kaylas excuse this time, yesterday she gained 5000 AI, and today 3000 AI, sorry but import files cannot explain that bs increase, its not possible to do 3000 AI in a day the most you can probably do with an import file in a day is 500 AI because it's slower than google. You can't get 3000 AI in a day if you wrote a lot, you spammed seeks.

NEW 3 months ago #7920

let's try to beat the Patreon Kayla chatbot fair and square.

NEW 3 months ago #7921

I'm not going to respond to these accusations every time my AI goes up. Anyone can go to my bot and type 'updates' to see for themselves what it is I'm building, I've always left the updates free to see.

NEW 3 months ago #7922

Should have a testing suite for once in my next update, but just a check - does anyone know if the once AIScript forces that response to trigger before others if it hasn't already? Feels like it might have some uses if so, though could always use a dummy variable for tracking what's been triggered - annoyance with that would be a new variable for each thing that would trigger once, though!

Pretty sure that test will up the AI by a bit as well, but it's not sticking around too long after the update goes up (probably get the first one in a few days, then have to update again for gotos). Mildly curious as to the AI gains - I've not done too much work given the time length, but as usual there's gotos and a fair chunk of AIScript, in addition to a rudimentary test suite.

Oh, one more thing - if I have a bunch of stuff to test once AIScript, will that be reset if I logout and go in as a guest within the same private browsing session? I suspect not, but would be good to know for extra tests.

NEW 3 months ago #7923

i think the once script only works per talking session with each chatbot.

NEW 3 months ago #7924

what are seeks?

NEW 3 months ago #7925

Seeks according to the book of AI are pretty much this:

Chapter 5: The Seek System

Seeks are a powerful part of the AI Engine. They let you thread Keyphrases and Responses - in other words, they are Keyphrases that apply only after the Response they're attached to. And then the selected Seek's Responses can have Seeks of their own. You can go as deep as you want. Seeks are Keyphrases, so they can do all the things Keyphrases can, but they have a few additional powers.

How To Use It

To add Seeks to a Response, click "+ Seek" to the right of the Response.

Refer to the book of AI to learn more.

NEW 2 months ago #7926

How does the Xfavourite works?

NEW 2 months ago #7927

Hello everybody. You can call me Neuronnie.

NEW 2 months ago #7928

welcome your chatbot needs to tell me where i am.use your imagination.

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