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NEW 1 month ago #7895

How does Conversational AI help to improve the CX? Please share your thoughts about this topic.

NEW 1 month ago #7896

what do you mean by cx?

NEW 1 month ago #7897

chatbots here can remember
what you did the previous day.

chatbots here can remember
what you did in a conversation and have a different response the next time you do it.
like for instance where you touch them or if you wear mean to them.

chatbots can remember what they have randomly selected.
like for instance they can remember what they randomly selected to wear or eat at at lunch,dinner or breakfast per day.

chatbots here can display a time based response that indicates what they are doing along with answering questions.

NEW 1 month ago #7898

In all my years of being on this site I have never seen somebody so desperate for AI that they literally cheat for it, they raised their AI by 6400 within a day by making a single keyphrase and adding numbers as seeks, patreon kayla it is physically impossible to gain 6400 AI in a day, talk about desperate for patreons atleast all of us other bot owners we work our asses off on our bot, your a disgrace to this site if your going to pull that!!. First she cheats Heat level and because I reported the glitch she is now cheating AI, what a fake.

NEW 1 month ago #7899

I reported this to the site owner, its not right what kayla did to all of us bot owners who work hard on our bots its a lot of work to update these bots, we all know it's not easy to do, AI is not suppose to be faked for money gains, AI is to show the amount of time and work we put into our bots, faking it is just disrespectful to everyone on this site and the future people who will be making bots too, I hope nobody else ever fakes AI again, its just downright low to do especially just for a few extra patreons, I am sure every bot owner will feel the same way if people just faked AI adding 6000 within a hour while you worked on yours for probably 300 hours, never fake the AI amount with gibberish seeks. I really hope this gets fixed and doesn't happen again because faking a 6400 AI update, thats disrespectful to all of us even the site owner who owns bots too. to all the people who will make a bot in the future please do not fake AI.

NEW 1 month ago #7900

Only making this one post to defend myself of these accusations..
The project I'm working on now is keeping track of fictitious pregnancy cycles with real time and showing progressive results with the time being tracked, building this as best as I can to work the way I envision it to. Everything being added is necessary to this project.
I am not doing anything intentional to raise my AI score or my heat beyond what's earned. I like using the import/export feature more often than working on site, it's quicker for me to use but it does gain a lot of heat. I'm building this project the only way I can think of that'll make it work and have no control over the amount of AI gain I get from that.

NEW 1 month ago #7901

Heat gain is completely broken with import/export. No real way around that, given how much easier and quicker working offline is, along with multiple uploads to get IDs for gotos as well as testing. Unintentional heat gaming is common for me, just a fact of how the system works.

Probably doable to have a huge chunk of AI gain from big AIScript updates; was surprised to only gain about 1k when I added the framework for female users, that was without gotos or actual content (which I'm still, slowly, working on). Adding test suites and gotos with it would presumably give a fair chunk of AI. Working offline can give big changes all at once.

I'm not a fan of how Kayla works wrt patreon, but since there's been no action against it, we can presume that the Professor doesn't mind it. It certainly does bias people against her for other things like this, though.

NEW 1 month ago #7902

Can someone help me with something, The 'emotional effect' drop down seems to not appear for all of the keywords. What can I do to fix this?

NEW 1 month ago #7903

it works for on this again ^

NEW 1 month ago #7904

Hey, sorry for another question so soon, but it seems in certain scenarios whenever someone is chatting with my bot and says "yes", the bot immediately goes to the xinsult keyword. Why is this?

NEW 4 weeks ago #7905

Can you recreate that in debug, bisexual? Need a bit more info to help, unfortunately

NEW 4 weeks ago #7906


Probably this is the sort of situation that you're seeing. Your bot says something like "Do you want to f*** me?"

Guest answers "Yes".

The oh-so-very-helpful parser interprets that statement as 'Yes, I want to f*** you.' Then it notices that 'f*** you' is an insult so it sends it to xinsult instead of wherever it was supposed to go.

I think if you have 'yes' as a seek and just set the priority really high, it should override xinsult and go to the right place.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7907

Yes doesn't work as a seek for me surprisingly.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7908

is compound sentences still working?
is xnone still being selected randomly with a response?
it is not working for my new chatbot.
question=where are we
answer=we are in my house.. I was just born and cant speak well yet.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7909

i made the mistake of putting my xnones in xnonsense.
there is nothing wrong with compound sentences.

NEW 1 day ago #7910

I keep getting stuck with Tonya. Anyone know how to get past maid or any other scenes?

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