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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

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I don't think you can do images other than links, which often break. As for switching chatbots, it'd be doable with fudging. Have a separate KP for switching, effectively treat that branch as a separate bot, copy/paste the AI brain from second bot into that branch. Remember to not reuse memory names unless you want the second bot to remember that memory.

NEW 1 month ago #7876

Hmm interesting. But wouldn't then user have to always re-type the key phrase after he reaches the end of any seeks?

The name of the bot would remain same too, right?

NEW 1 month ago #7877

Yeah, you'd stay with the same bot name, unfortunately. At the end of seeks you could goto back to the start of the branch?

It's certainly a bit of a hack, but should work. I use similar with different self-contained roleplays.

NEW 1 month ago #7878


Having two bot 'characters' within the same bot is possible, but it's a pain in the ass to set up. I have a sequence in Emily where you have to interact with her and her friend Claire, and the two characters talk to each other, can leave the room and let you talk to one or the other, and you can interact with them individually even when both are present.

How I did it was to use a 'focus' memory to keep track of which character you were interacting with. So if you have mem-focus is "emily", then all of the keyphrases will direct to Emily's dialogue. If you have mem-focus is "claire", all of the keyphrases will direct to Claire. There are probably more elegant ways to do this, but this approached worked pretty well.

You can then have both bots have their own individual memories that get called depending on who is being interacted with.

NEW 1 month ago #7879

Hello Micaella. Unfortunately I think the chat feature between humans is still broken or offline, also even if it did work you appear to have it disabled in your profile. :J

I guess you could post what your username is in some other instant messaging service if you'd like people to chat? Forums are a pretty slow avenue, I sometimes go months without visiting this one for example.

I just wish there was some easy way for folks to privately share an email address etc to another user on here, at the very least. *shrugs*

NEW 1 month ago #7880

Thank you all for your replays and great ideas.

Anyway, I still have troubles using xgossip. Should I simply type (gossip+memoryname)? Like if I have memoryname (yourname) should I write (gossipyourname) or how does this thing work?

NEW 3 weeks ago #7881

Bleh gotta make a website for my bot eventually : P

NEW 2 weeks ago #7882

I feel like I've asked this before, but does PF only hang onto transcripts for 6 months? I was looking back and it looks like I've lost everything from before Jan 13th.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7883

That seems to be the case

NEW 1 week ago #7884

I am wondering how do I make a keyphrase only need to be typed once in order for another keyphrase to not require it to be said again during the chat

NEW 1 week ago #7885

Use AIScript. default "no" as "requirement", in the KP that's required to unlock the other one, have rem "yes" as only "requirement", and in the unlocked one have if (mem-requirement) is "yes"

NEW 3 days ago #7886

Unable to have more than one thing in the AIscript even if I use comma then space or enter, the AI script inizialitation doesn't allow more than one.

NEW 3 days ago #7887

You need to use a semi-colon, not a comma.

NEW 3 days ago #7888

When I type the AIscript for the keyphrase it says its incorrect

NEW 3 days ago #7889

It just gives an error message when I try doing it for keyphrase AI script

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