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Werndq, easy enough. Have the bot ask if the user is male or female, then have three responses:
xnomatch -probably default to male with a message that it couldn't be found. Aiscript box gets rem "male" as only "gender"
male - confirmation message about male user. Ai script box gets rem "male" as only "gender"
female - confirmation message about female user. Aiscript box gets rem "female"as only "gender"

You will want a default state for the aiscript; in the general bit settings, iirc, there's a box for initializing memories. In there, put def "male" as only "gender"

Now, to use: you can use (mem-gender) in a response to state which gender the user is, and you can put if (mem-gender) is "male" in the aiscript box to only fire that response if the user is male.

NEW 1 month ago #7754

Is there any way to get the bot to respond correctly to queries like this?

You: what kind of men are you in to
Bot: A (typeof-men-n).

NEW 1 month ago #7755

you can add a response for that.
you can add many responses for that.

NEW 1 month ago #7756

Is there a way to stop it from doing the (typeof-men-n) thing entirely? I would be happy with it just doing an xnone if I don't have a specific reply to it.

NEW 1 month ago #7757

use this what kind of men * with a response.
it should prevent it from saying A (typeof-men-n).

NEW 1 month ago #7758

are transcripts still working

NEW 1 month ago #7759

Transcripts have never had a usable UI for me. The pick a date part just doesn't work - part of why I rarely bother with them.

NEW 1 month ago #7760

i asked because nobody was interacting with one of my chatbot yesterday.i thought that was strange.
they are today.

NEW 1 month ago #7761

I have transcripts for Thursday/Friday. My numbers are maybe a bit down but nothing unusual. Transcripts have actually been much better for me in the past month or so... I don't get dropped when I try to load them anymore.

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NEW 1 month ago #7763

Just for anyone who runs into the same problem down the line, if you put in the keyphrase:

"what kind of * do you like"

It seems to catch all of the weird (typeof-something-n) answers.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7764

strip is not working as a keyphrase for me

NEW 3 weeks ago #7765

it started back working

NEW 2 weeks ago #7766

Please I accidentally deleted my account. I need help get back my bots. There names Regrets,Zeath and Only. I didn't mean press it.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7767

nvm ill start over

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