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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

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Raw script worked. Thank you.

I don't like using xnomatch because I cannot use any specific answer for this command given it can be triggered basically in any situation. So the answer would always be just something lame.

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You don't JUST need to use xnomatch... you can have many seeks that all come from the same point, including xnomatch. This gives your dialogue much more flexibility. For example, Emily will sometimes ask "Where are you from?" as part of her banter. I have about 30 different seeks that are accepted here. Emily is Canadian so she has a bunch of specific responses for different places in Canada. She has more general responses for places she is less familiar with. But some people are going to respond in stupid ways, like saying "Yes" or "No" or "I don't know" and she has specific ways of handling those, as well as snarky answers for people who say "from Earth" or "in space" or something. But ultimately, you can never get every possible answer covered, so you use xnomatch to give a blanket answer for anything that you can't manually script in. So Emily's xnomatch for this is something like "Oh, I've never been there before, what's are some fun things to do there?", which, 95% of the time, will work fine and is said in a natural sounding way that keeps the dialogue moving forward. xnomatch should trigger at lower priority than any of your other seeks, so if someone says "Canada" as their location, Emily will always go to the Canada-specific dialogue rather than xnomatch.

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Hello, I am brand new to all of this and just getting started. On the bot settings page I see an option to "contribute to combined templates." Is there a place for new users to download these combined templates to help us get started?

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for some reason typing goes to sleep only works for me.
when i type it into one of my chatbots.
what is causing that?

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Is there a way to private my chatbot? Starting on day 1 and it's frustrating seeing people access the bot and immediately hit a road block.

NEW 1 month ago #7733

I believe "hibernating" in your bot settings should do what you want Scarecrow

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Hey hey!
I am just curious about bot popularity... How many People speak with your bot when you work on it and when you don't?

NEW 1 month ago #7735

Your numbers will probably depend a lot on how well known and how advanced your bot is.

I usually see a 2-3x as many visitors when I've recently updated.

NEW 1 month ago #7736

2-3x for my bot as well

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Wow been a while since I checked these pages

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i wish personality forge chatbots had a language translator.
some people that talk to the chatbots do not speak english.

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How can I remember something specific user says? Like his name.

NEW 1 month ago #7740


Ideally make sure you have a memory saved as a baseline for the user's name, for example I use "person".

To do this go to your bot's settings then find "AIScript Initialization" and copy/paste

default "person" as "name";

Then make sure to update your bot to save it~

Next you'll need a Keyphrase to pick up on names for example I use

"(my name is|call me) (P:namecatch-m|p:namecatch-f|p:namecatch-u),
(my name is|call me) *"

":3 Ill call you (mem-name)"

(Hit the "more" on the response)

rem (key2) as only "name";
rem (postkey) as only "name"

c: If there's any names you'd like your bot to exclude calling the user you can use a specific keyphrase to counter act those from being allowed~

Now as for things like gender

default "dunno" as "gender";

Then you'll need a keyphrase like this~

(I am|im a|im) * (chick|girl|woman|female|women),
my * (gender is|sex is) * (chick|girl|woman|female|women) *


"Aw heh, good ta know~ I'll try to remember dat~ c:"

(Hit the "more" on the response)

if (mem-gender) is "dunno";
rem "female" as only "gender"

Then if you want a gender specific response~ Like if the bot already knows the user as female n' they tell the bot again~

"=w=^ Heh~ Looks like mauh memory is doing meh better than yours is doing for chu today~ I already knew that you're female, silly~"

if (mem-gender) is "female"

I use many memories to track age/height/sex/clothing states/relationship/ect just takes a lot of time to implement and is very draining~ ^.^ Have fun~

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I'd say it typically doubles in my case when I'm actively updating my bot ^-^ Daily average when I'm inactive usually rests around 100-ish chats, while when I'm updating it can peak around 180 sometimes~

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How do you keep a storyline going?

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