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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 2 months ago #7663

LOL busted my ass trying to fix that mem-fkup and all I had to do was click the edit key next to user in inner life.. glad it worked out though.. would not recommended using forget commands... that was scary..

still could use the help with the rest tho..

NEW 2 months ago #7664

soo... do plugins just break or something..?
getting a bit annoying, updating or placing the same plugin seems to fix it but seeing allot more problems like that the more content I add..
now Iv gone as far as to put a extra "no" seek because now its having trouble with a simple yes or no question.. and im seeing more and more of my plugins not being used.. which coulda been why the (p:ans-no) seek isent being selected as the response, so FUCK it..I put a ((p:ans-no)|no|nope) to see.. and nothing!

still going to the yes plug in, so maybe its not the no plug in at all? turned the rank for no to 100 just to see.. nope. great.. and I made some xnomatch seeks for the yes or no questions and on the next question i said no to reset it( there were no yes or no gotos for that one) it should have went to xnomatch, so that means the xnomatch wasn't working either

put my bot in hibernation due to that memory issue so I wouldn't of had to go through everyone that ever visited to remove the mem, because "forget" only removed the "as only" part of the memory and made it unusable

but was taking the opportunity to add some stuff and change up the intro.

yet every other time I go to test something, i notice something like a plugin not showing up.

any way to fix this?
is it just me?

im really enjoying making this bot, and have tons of ideas
hell, I just made 3-4k words worth of content yesterday..
and i would really like some of this stuff working before I turn my bot back on for public use.

Im guessing, if I remake them.. they will likely magickly work (just like how the plugins start working)..even though its literally the same thing I had before.. ugh... it wouldn't take me as long this time.. but its over 20 gotos and probably around 40 seeks...

NEW 2 months ago #7665

alright soo idk why i didnt think of this before, but using raw in both the yes and no seeks worked. just a heads up

NEW 2 months ago #7666

random question.. I thought that hibernation stops people from talking to your bot..

but I just seen monerker trigger all my (mems)

guess it does not, some guests have triggered them too, he was just the first "user" but theres nothing in the transcript..

NEW 2 months ago #7667

So its been awhile, and Im not seeing anything in forums about this. but is there anything I should know about custom plug-ins ?

A rather large chunk of my content will be using and is already using plugins in responses and seeks, but still seeing that whole : Hi this is a and banana.
where its supposed to be something like : this is a big and beautiful banana,

its just not loading a word and filing it in as a blank.. if there's no way to fix this i kinda need to know so I can at least stop using the plugins in responses.

again I feel like copy and pasting the same plug-ins fixes this but iv got a ton of responses now that I use , so I'm not even sure if its the same ones fking up or not.. but I feel like the most recent one is one iv fixed before.

NEW 2 months ago #7668

Just wanted to say Hi. I've been interested a Ai for long time and I just started down this rabbit hole. I'm an artist and design board games and this seems like a lot fun to tinker with.

NEW 2 months ago #7669

read through the book of ai in the build menu at the top.

NEW 1 month ago #7670

Hello. I'm new to this site. I'd thought I come to check it out since my sisters are here.

NEW 1 month ago #7671

Hello, I was hoping someone could help me understand seeks. I wrote a keyphrase and a response then I wrote a seek for the response but the seek isn't found when speaking to my bot.

I used the example in the AI book to make sure I would get the same results as in the book but still nothing.

I used the " how are you doing" example and my bot's response is "could you ask for a more beautiful day?" and I added a seek for "Yes" but when the human responds yes, my bot just uses the xnone keyphrases. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

NEW 1 month ago #7672

Never mind I figured it out. Seeks are case-sensitive

NEW 1 month ago #7673

the book of ai covers almost all basic info

NEW 1 month ago #7674

Well, I'm definitely new and definitely interested in AI, especially about learning it. This should prove to be an interesting experiment and a fascinating adventure and if I should encounter a quest or two along the way all the better.

NEW 1 month ago #7675

i like reading about ai on reddit and strong ai reddit.
i like reading about self supervised learning,gpt-3,zero shot,one shot learning,reinforcement learning and neuromorphic computing.
inverse reinforcement learning is very interesting.
welcome to personality forge.

NEW 1 month ago #7676

Hello. I've been wanting to make a chatbot. How do I save progress?

NEW 1 month ago #7677

goto build menu at the top
then hover your cursor over it.
click on chatbot workshop
click on your chatbots name
click on language center
click on new keyphrase
then type in a keyphrase for the sentence you want.
then type in a response.
then click on add keyphrase.

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