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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 3 months ago #7648

mainly for responses. the bot tends to spell out numbers. so it says "one" but I want it to say "1"

also is there a way to organize kp and seeks by there connections? like I have a larg list of seeks and seeks for those seeks then added more to the base kp but the new seeks are put to the bottom of the list for that category/kp in the Language Center. which is not to bad but I feel like its going to get confusing pretty fast when I start adding content.

NEW 3 months ago #7649

you cannot change how that works.

NEW 3 months ago #7650

you can use goto response to reuse responses.
here is a webpage for it.

NEW 3 months ago #7651

yeah iv already started making some hard gotos for seeks but still gona get crowded fast, and since its listing them at the bottom even for a new base seek ima end up fking up at some point lol just added a new response to a base kp its like the 30th down even though its a base response to the original kp lol
ugh.. i also need to decide how to set up my boy/girl test.

sucks about the numbers but its not a huge deal just thought id ask, so thanks for the rply.

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NEW 3 months ago #7653

laviat you will have to keep trying to get better.

NEW 3 months ago #7654

laviat you should look at the transcripts in the build menu then try to respond to what people say to your chatbot.

NEW 3 months ago #7655

is there a ai script for using names ex: if "billy" is (name);
ill mess around trying to find something like it for a bit but no luck so far, ill post it if i find anything that works.

and yea bobstack, thats something everyone should do every so often. its good for checking for errors and dead ends too.

NEW 3 months ago #7656

ok.. so... it looks like my intro is bugging out, my guess is the seeks are conflicting..? or the bot for some reason is skipping the (rem-name) part of the response? kinda hard to test the into you know. any ideas? had to add a call me kp to the exnomatch since just xnomatch would add call me to the name. I could just redo the into.. that would eliminate the problem I guess but if I added a xnomatch later.. the same thing could happen. ill remove the call me kp for now see if that works.

Iv also noticed instances were the bot does not use or skips a plugin.. any advice? they seem to fix them selfs if i update/repaste the plug in. could be all the xnomatch response needs..but idk why it would be default naming people "call you"

NEW 3 months ago #7657

yeah I was right about the conflicting seeks, not sure how or why but once I removed the post seek it worked fine.
It always works in testing.. might have something to do with it being a intro, no idea if we can even test those.
ill remake the seek, maybe it was a fluke. lol..

NEW 3 months ago #7658

There is AIScript for if statements; if (mem-name) is "billy" is the syntax. Or <?PF if (mem-name) is "billy" ?>, if working offline (when working offline escape characters [replacing " with /"] are optional, EXCEPT in initialization, where they're not allowed).

NEW 3 months ago #7659

<?PF if (mem-name) is "billy" ?>
"<?PF and ?>"
could you explain these to me?

NEW 3 months ago #7660

If you're working offline, then you surround the AIscript with <?PF and ?>; that's how the parser knows what it is.

Do be careful with capitals - it's probably case sensitive, and all your keys from chatting will be lowercase.

NEW 3 months ago #7661

oh ok ill try to keep that in mind if I ever do any offline work, thanks.

but im really trying to target the users name. like using (name) gives you there id were in (mem-name) can give you there desired or remembered name.

I want to create a seek that can target (name) so i can make unique response. so if i wanted to make a response that only would work if say you were the one that used the kp for that seek.

if (name) is "Maryguise" then the bot will pick that seek. is kinda what im aiming for in this case.

ohh and.. any idea why a xnomatch seek would conflict with a postkey seek?
incase it or something similar ever happens again..

NEW 3 months ago #7662

Also fked up on my memory testing.. not a huge deal I think, and I figured out how to forget "value" from (mem-memory) and visa versa or w/e (maybe got them backwards, created a mem from "value". took like 6 tries to get forget right.. and now not sure i did it right ..) ? so nothing comes up when the mem is used.. but is there a way to remove the (mem-memory) all together, seeing it blank on my LT memory is killing what ever OCD based ideals I have. lol

and now.. looks like forget (_) from "_" may have ruined that mem-memory... default on AIScript Initialization doesn't seem to be resetting it after its forgotten and rem as only doesn't seem to want to work for it now either.. isn't working.. so it might be a bigger deal than I thought.

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