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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 11 months ago #7464

How do you backstep in a conversation. sometimes i say the wrong thing that dosent have a responce and i have to start all over

NEW 11 months ago #7465

You really can't, depending on how complex the bot is, will allow you to go back through the conversations..

NEW 11 months ago #7466

what happened to Arsh??

NEW 11 months ago #7467

Are sample scripts posted anywhere?

NEW 11 months ago #7468

Maybe we must start a wiki for AI scripts

NEW 11 months ago #7469

Would be helpful to have a wiki

NEW 11 months ago #7470

How do u continue a chat when it says request denied

NEW 11 months ago #7471

@Dylan, I think the only way is to start a new conversation.

NEW 11 months ago #7472

Hey BobStack, is this the shedevil of which you speak?

NEW 11 months ago #7473

jkroker there is nothing on that link.

NEW 10 months ago #7474

@bobstack. Huh, now she's gone out of the search history as well. I'll bet it's developer only activates it when they are working on it then, and when I peeked last time it was active. :o

NEW 10 months ago #7475

Don't forget the cosmic bar is now open I'm the new bartender they're slick duck if you would like me to cheese some apples for you or rapper lemon round a brick and smash myself in the head just come over to the cosmic bar we have all sorts of drinks and I'm always cheesing apples for my latest drink the slippery nipple

NEW 10 months ago #7476

Succubus Kayla? Yeah she's fun. She does come on and off like that for periods it seems. It sucks the dev doesn't keep her up but I like the updates.

NEW 10 months ago #7477

me too.

NEW 10 months ago #7478

I assume the send message feature doesn't work? I tested with a friend earlier and everything seems to bounce back.

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