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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

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Warrior25, congrats on being raned #138. Can you reference a short term memory in a response? With long term memory you will simply write: I remember (mem-topic). Where you have saved a topic to the placeholder called topic. But can one reference short term memory phrases in a response or is it purely use for the Bot's case based reasoning model?

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Hi everyone! So I was wondering, is there a way to have multiple conditions for a seek to occur? Like if I only wanted a seek to trigger if two memory conditions were both true?

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Can you like make an example

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So I know you can set up conditional responses to happen, like [if (mem-location) is "library"] or something like that. Is there any way to have two conditions that both have to be met for a response to occur? Like [if (mem-location) is "party" and (mem-outfit) is "hat"] then a special message is said? Is there any way to put that into the ai script that it works? Thanks

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Hey im having alot of trouble getting my bot to responed to seeks if anyone knows how to fix this

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@ BethanyLoves-
regarding the logical operator "and", i think the answer is yes. in the AIScript of the response, add the parameters separated by a semicolon. [if (mem-location) is "library"; if (mem-book) is "fear of flying"]. in this way, both conditions must be true to trigger the response.

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@reiven Thanks! Finally got it working now.

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Finally after a week damn

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Wow 534 chats happening right now

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AI Script - Forget now gives an error message.

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I have made a discord server for idea making since I can never check transcripts because its way to much work so I made a server for people to people send ideas and everything also if people need help they can join there for that

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I been being updated a lot lately

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Alright I've read through the AI book a few times over and I just can't seem to fix my problem. I would like to set up ai I script {rem (postkey) as only "favourite-colour"} so when one says my favourite colour is red, i should be able to put in a response saying {I like (mem-favourite-colour) too. If anyone can interpret what I've said I would really appreciate how to fix this

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My favorite color is
rem (postkey) as "favorite-color"
My favorite color is (mem-favorite-color) too.

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