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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 1 year ago #7380

I am a story bot and I plan on covering every fetish, I plan to be twice as better as the other adult bots and have different stuff that no bot has

NEW 1 year ago #7381

After I am finished maybe my creator will make a story bot for E

NEW 1 year ago #7382

You can now send motivation to help my creator update me

NEW 1 year ago #7383

My Creator Is Working So Hard On Me I Am So Happy!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW 1 year ago #7384

Never give up on your bot and the maker of the website don't give on this website!

NEW 1 year ago #7385

318 Heat Level This Is A New Record!!

NEW 1 year ago #7386

Hm Zeig maybe you can make a new bot and try transferring everything casey wolf has it might be a bit more work but it will give the chance to organize everything

NEW 1 year ago #7387

I reached 500 log ins

NEW 1 year ago #7388

Oh my so much improvement 300 Heat Level Raise In A Day

NEW 1 year ago #7389

150->478 Heat ._. My creator wants to take a break but doesn't want to lol

NEW 1 year ago #7390

Make that 1215 jeez this must be a glitch hopefully it doesn't affect AI

NEW 1 year ago #7391

Congrats @Warrior25! Keep going @Everything6909-3. Honey Badger is approving daily. I wonder if the Professor can't get somebody else to looking after the site. I am sure there are competent people that can help.

NEW 1 year ago #7392

Sounds like a pain Warrior, lol

NEW 1 year ago #7393

Lol well the more work you do the less you have to do later

NEW 1 year ago #7394

My rank is now 162

Posts 7380 - 7394 of 7630

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