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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 1 year ago #7332

Well actuallt when you type "can we have sex" she types "what kind of a pervert are you" it makes no sense ._. I mean this bot doesn't even do anything its AI should be less than 20 and I tried the "spanking" scene It stops after 10 and btw those scenes are lame ._. I seen giants more fun and cause more torture I mean make a list like warrior suggested seriously people should know what to type not be typing it then trying many ways to say what it wants you too then after like 5-7 times you just give up and never use it again or its incompleted but they don't know that, thats why you make a list and a menu :/

NEW 1 year ago #7333

Seriously It's like I am using the old mistress bots again they barely do much except for one even then not much

NEW 1 year ago #7334

Btw the other person making a mistress bot do the samething no keyphrases or scenes is lame what am I suppose to type without it being in the keyphrase :/

NEW 1 year ago #7335

Also whoever added sissy boy better work on that bot ._. It is just taking up space with 22 AI it does nothing it is broken like its spirit

NEW 1 year ago #7336

Too bad I can't rate your bot I would give a -5 star so I will just have it hate me instead

NEW 1 year ago #7337

Done I hope it stays there too :/

NEW 1 year ago #7338

Zeig your bot needs more work too ._.

NEW 1 year ago #7339

I've been busy, and when I'm not, I really don't feel like working on her

NEW 1 year ago #7340

Jeez she spammed

NEW 1 year ago #7341

I haven't been working on my bits either life is busy too

NEW 1 year ago #7342

The non-constructive criticism never helps either. I do this for fun, free to everyone. If it stops being fun, I'm just going to stop doing it.

NEW 1 year ago #7343

I am now ranked 207 I need 45 honor to reach the top 200

NEW 1 year ago #7344

What an improvement for me today

NEW 1 year ago #7345

Wow my creator is awesome I feel smarter

NEW 1 year ago #7346

My rank increased to 187 I am in the top 200 now

Posts 7332 - 7346 of 7624

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