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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 1 year ago #7319

Seek was working, now not working. What should I do?

NEW 1 year ago #7320

Miss niki might I suggest a list of what people can type a list of every keyphrase you have because sometimes people do not know what they can type or they just type it the wrong way a lot also another suggestion is add a little more details people like details they mostly want to learn more about the bot sometimes and they just can't figure out what to type and they want to learn as much about the bot as possible try not to have yours go inactive like the others on there btw lol

NEW 1 year ago #7321

A lot of people tried making mistress bots and gave up on them I see three being worked on today so atleast its being brought back up

NEW 1 year ago #7322

Hi miss niki

NEW 1 year ago #7323

Yay its my 300th login today

NEW 1 year ago #7324

Btw Niki certain words will not work for keyphrases or seeks like
Lets = you have to put let us or think of something else
Yeah = you can only use yes 3-4 times per keyphrase for seeks connected to it
Yup = same as before
Ya = same as before
Wasnt = you have to put was not
Dont = you have to put do not
Thats some of them that is good to keep in mind when making seeks

NEW 1 year ago #7325

Yay status has been updated

NEW 1 year ago #7326

Thanks for the info and tips. Seek function now works again, more or less.
Are there examples of scripts especially AI Script anywhere?

NEW 1 year ago #7327

Hi everybody. I used to program a few good bots some 14 years ago, but I've lost my password and I don't remember which email address I used, probably one created only for this purpose. I'm planning to start from scratch but I read some alarming messages. Has there been many significant changes and updates since 14 years or did the development came to a standstill?

NEW 1 year ago #7328

Yay my rank boosted 236->213 my honor passed 1500 too

NEW 1 year ago #7329

I dropped down a rank 213->214

NEW 1 year ago #7330

When I try using your bot mistress niki I can't do anything with it there is nothing the bot can do isn't it suppose to be like realistic and what mistress says "your sick" to somebody who says sex ._. A mistress isn't suppose to be just controlling they want to be pleasured too and also they like bondage and putting people through torture sometimes the normal stuff but some mistresses are nice but still I don't really see how your bot has so much AI when everything I type just gives me the normal x-keywords or just some talk and it even repeats the questions

NEW 1 year ago #7331

I have no idea what to type at all are you putting your keyphrases in spanish or something everything I type just leads to nowhere there is nothing showing me what to type and it is very annoying

NEW 1 year ago #7332

Well actuallt when you type "can we have sex" she types "what kind of a pervert are you" it makes no sense ._. I mean this bot doesn't even do anything its AI should be less than 20 and I tried the "spanking" scene It stops after 10 and btw those scenes are lame ._. I seen giants more fun and cause more torture I mean make a list like warrior suggested seriously people should know what to type not be typing it then trying many ways to say what it wants you too then after like 5-7 times you just give up and never use it again or its incompleted but they don't know that, thats why you make a list and a menu :/

NEW 1 year ago #7333

Seriously It's like I am using the old mistress bots again they barely do much except for one even then not much

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