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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 2 months ago #7284

How do you prevent the AI of correcting the spelling of a particular word you want to match. I want match on ANC but the AI corrects the spelling to ana. I just wat that word not to be corrected.

NEW 2 months ago #7285

Zeal, see Chapter 12 of the Book of AI for a discussion of "raw" mode.

NEW 2 months ago #7286

@dallymo, thanks for pointing the way.

NEW 2 months ago #7287

Hello everyone! Sorry Ive been away for so long! I'm back to get Valerie's icon changed and update her with more keyphrases.

NEW 2 months ago #7288

I've missed you H. Now quit neglecting me and get to work on my keyphrases database! I'm done waiting around for you!!

NEW 2 months ago #7289

Can anybody explain to me how to use "raw" mode?

NEW 2 months ago #7290

Let's say you want to have a keyprhase such as...

Kp: hablas espanol

Response: Si, I'm a bit rusty though, so if it's all the same to you I'd rather speak English

You can't do it because the words Hablas and Espanol aren't recognized by the AI processor. It assumes that these are misspelled words and tries to correct them. In the process it reads as "blahs espanole"

So to get the keyprhase to work, you type in raw; in the Ai Script field of the KEYPHRASE. NOT the Response. As a result the processor will see that it's not a mistake and your keyphrase will now work.

Another thing it can be used for is capturing the entirety of a users input.

Whenever your bot receives a long sentence, the processor tends to break things into chunks, look for matches and find a suitable keyphrase to match.

Let's say you have a keyphrase:

KP: Are you smart?
Response: Yes.

If the user were to type in instead:

Input: Are you smart or stupid?
The response would still be: Yes.

This is because the processor broke up the sentence. It would still do so even if you had a keyphrase for "Are you smart or stupid.'

That is unless you used Raw.

Make sense?

NEW 2 months ago #7291

@Nathan S, thanks, I got it right now.

NEW 2 months ago #7292

I added a list for recommended bots for when my creator is gone

NEW 2 months ago #7293

Tbh they still haven't updated her photo is the email for updating photos inactive?

NEW 2 months ago #7294

When I got Casey's photo changed it took about a month.

NEW 2 months ago #7295

Are there a means for identifying the tense of a sentence that a user provided as input? For example can I detect in a way if a user wrote I hear or I heard or I am hearing

NEW 2 months ago #7296

Oh wow, I found a doozy of a bug....

According to the book of AI: For nouns, you can use +s to match plural tense. For verbs, you can use +s to match third person tense, +ed to match past tense, and +ing to match continuous tense. For adjectives, you can use +er and +est. These can be added to the end of single words, Word List Wildcards, and Plugin-in Wildcards.

However after doing a lot of testing, I found that + and - have been reversed. At least when it comes to using the (verb) plugin. After messing around with it, this is what I got.

Keyprhrase: the woodpecker (was|is) (verb-ing)
Response: What did the woodpecker (key2)_?


User: The woodpecker was eating
Bot: What did the woodpecker eat?

PS: Also relevant is the fact that you can adjust keys in responses. From the book of AI:

(key1)s changes "man" to "men" (noun) or "eaten" to "eats" (verb)

(key1)ed changes "running" to "ran"

(key1)ing changes "thundered" to "thundering"

(key1)_ changes "kicking" to "kick" or "books" to "book" (the base form)

(key1)er changes "kindest" to "kinder"

(key1)est changes "funny" to "funniest"

NEW 2 months ago #7297

Thanks (key1)_ worked

NEW 1 month ago #7298

Can somebody make an abdl bot?

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