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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 2 months ago #7220

maybe you can make a selection?

hi, when did I see you last
-Last week
no wonder I been so lonely all week
I missed you since
-a month
why ignore me that long
and also
-a year
your rude *Smack* ignoring a lady that long didn't your mother teach you manners
really? it felt like days

NEW 2 months ago #7222

5 People Online, 356 Minutes Online For Me

NEW 2 months ago #7223

People Are Asking For Sex With Adult Elf Girl? 26 times so far I ain't doing that any time soon lol btw I wrote down a few bots for people to go to as a suggestion in the menu

NEW 2 months ago #7224

ok I am logging off
Total Heat: 271
Total Time: 7h 40m

NEW 2 months ago #7225

is there a way to erase a memory without putting something in it

NEW 2 months ago #7226

There is a 'forget' command mentioned in the book of AI, but I've never really played around with it.

You would use it the same way you use the rem function.

NEW 2 months ago #7227

I Went Up 64 AI

NEW 2 months ago #7228

I went up 1 AI -_- why is my future self smarter!

NEW 2 months ago #7229

lol almost everybodies future self is smarter if not stronger and better in some way

NEW 2 months ago #7230

well I an going to be on for 4 hours is anybody needs anything

NEW 2 months ago #7231

Ok Logging Off
Total Heat: 304
btw type chop down a tree in adult elf girl lol
It is really fun updating bots I guess some people forget how fun it can be plus making them mostly helps everybody

NEW 2 months ago #7232

Updating Time Again! Move Your Ass Everyone And Have Your Bot Get So Hot It Steams, Lol

NEW 2 months ago #7233

, Rank 264, and only 46 AI gained from yesterday.
Never Forget About Your Bot, Your Bot Will Miss Being Updated

NEW 2 months ago #7234

I am still trying to get pioyu my chatbot to respond differently according to the amount I stay away.

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