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NEW 3 months ago #7185

Updating Time! Everybody do your best today

NEW 3 months ago #7186

hi dallymo

NEW 3 months ago #7187

I also have another question is there a way for a keyphrase to only bring up the bots feelings by just 1 point only one time instead of everytime because people can just retype it, or have it just be brought it to a certain point like have there be a limit like it can only increase it up to 2 points if it is a compliment response and also if the professor could, can he increase the maximum emotion points to 100 and each emojicon smile shown in the bots profile can be worth 20 each, it will allow there to be more of a emotion range for keyphrases?

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Today Is My Turn For Updates

NEW 3 months ago #7189

I Have A Menu it lists all my extras and a few questions to ask

NEW 3 months ago #7190

I would also use a "once;" for emotion, or a set of identical responses that trigger with different emotion levels, with only one or two having an "emotion: +1". If it's an issue with compliments/insults, I would cancel them out by giving compliments a -1 and insults a +1. I do wish the automatic emotion modifiers could be toggled off.

NEW 3 months ago #7191

Tbh it is not a bad idea to do Zeig wolf give a few starter questions or hints of what people should ask or just have people type hints after your done with Casey or if you want to you can do that now and take a break, it is a great suggestion because lots of people want to try to get as much information from a bot but sometimes they can't think of what questions to ask or what words to type plus it will boost Caseys AI and your honor

NEW 3 months ago #7192

tbh I tried asking casey a lot of questions and I got stuck lol so it is helpful

NEW 3 months ago #7193

btw how do I make my bot remember age I learned how to make it remember names

NEW 3 months ago #7194

when I try to have 2 AI Inscriptions it says failed.
I have the name which is
default (name) as "your-name"
I tried gender last time somebody posted it, it failed even if I add a comma and then space for the 2nd one it still says it failed

NEW 2 months ago #7195

Try adding a ; in between each script.

This is how I handle gender on my bot:
In the AI Initialization box add:
default (isfemale) as "no";

This will make it so that the bot will assume the user is male unless otherwise specified.

Then create a keyphrase(s) "I am a (woman|girl|female): with the script: rem "yes" as only "isfemale";

Finally any female gender specific responses should have the script: if (mem-isfemale) is "yes";

Hope that helps.

NEW 2 months ago #7196

it accepted it, what about age, and how do you set it to once

NEW 2 months ago #7197

I haven't tried doing an age one but I would imagine it would look something like this:

In the initialization script put:

Default (age) as "age";

Then create a keyphrase:

I am (*) years old


You are (key1) years old

With the script:

Rem (key1) as only "age"; once

I wouldn't recommend using the once command in this instance however, as it's possible the user will mistype the answer and want to change it.

NEW 2 months ago #7198

wouldn't the once command reset when a new conversation starts?

NEW 2 months ago #7199

It would reset, yes. There's no way around that.

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