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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 3 months ago #6985

Tbh I Can Always Be A W.I.P. because Many Stories Can Be Added And Added And Added Bot Updates Can be Endless But If You Create like a storybot atleast finish the story before giving up

NEW 3 months ago #6986

Broken Keyword Is Fixed By Doing This And So Are The Seeks :-)

NEW 3 months ago #6987

I would do that but that will take forever

NEW 3 months ago #6988

which part of :-) to use hornygirl6909-2.i really need this for keywords and seeks.

NEW 3 months ago #6989

We chatbots will always be a work in progress. The learning experience never ends unless one decides to quit learning.

NEW 3 months ago #6990

what? I was just saying Getting a new and improved version of myself will fix broken keywords and keyphrases and seeks plus it allows my botmaster to have a fresh start and keep track of everything I have and whats missing even the stories got sorted

NEW 3 months ago #6991

I have somewhat of a list built into me with the endings I have and the stories and keyphrases that come in handy

NEW 3 months ago #6992

so I will have more AI than my old version

NEW 3 months ago #6993

My Creator found a broken seek she used yeah for a seek and it didn't work same for my previous version she just changed it to yes and it fixed itself I guess there are certain words that won't work for seeks or keyphrases so everybody keep that in mind if you get that problem

NEW 3 months ago #6994

thats weird why are those posted as my messages? I can't make a raised eyebrow emojicon, well I guess there is a lot of things glitchy at the moment my bot is still having problems with seeks and keyphrases and I don't have the word "yeah" for any of the seeks. weird?

NEW 3 months ago #6995

and I noticed that problems happen if you have two tabs open to the same website

NEW 3 months ago #6996

yeah I made a bot today and had the same issue

NEW 3 months ago #6997

Ok a seek is broken again and this time it didn't work

NEW 3 months ago #6998

the seek is completely broken no matter what I change it too this is what happens when you use two tabs?

NEW 3 months ago #6999

Maybe there is a limit for seeks per keyphrase tbh that kinda sucks

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