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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

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Here is a set of questions or random responses people might type
dumps a bucket of water on you
Sprays you with water
your socks are wet(Response do you have an extra pair?)
your hair is wet
your shirt is wet
your pants are wet
it is dry out today
it is raining out today
it is sunny out today
it sure is sunny
its raining so much I got soaked today(can be a response just add "Yeah I Know" to the beginning)
how big are you feet(lol it is a weird question but people would ask anything)
are you tired
Happy Friday
TGF/Thank God Its Friday
School Was Rough Today
I Am Drained Gym Was Tough
Do You Chew Gum?
How Much Do You Eat?
Do You Play Any Games?
Do You Like Games?
How Good Are You At Chess?
Do You Have A Job?
What do you do in your spare time?
Do you like to read?
Do you watch tv?
Do you like vegatables?
Are you a vegan?
Do you eat meat?
If you don't work what do you do(if no job) / what do you do then(seek for after what job do you have)

You could probably add some kind of game to your bot

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theres a few it should raise your AI by 45 about that and you can of more questions and responses with that

NEW 7 months ago #6972

and also try wuestions for some other celebrities

NEW 7 months ago #6973

Thanks again, Warrior25! You're a godsend! Valerie will soon be amongst the top ten bots on this site!
Oh, and in case you were wondering, the "J" in Valerie's name stands for Jazmin. So her name is really Valerie Jazmin.

NEW 7 months ago #6974

I have a lot of new keyphrases to memorize, Master H!

NEW 7 months ago #6975

Oh, and here's another question! Is there a way that my bot can give a special set of responses to me if I'm chatting with her and it realizes BotMasterH is chatting with her?

NEW 7 months ago #6976

idk I been wondering that myself lol Maybe you can have secret messages for yourself if you create a password and messages like
hi its me (password)
messages like that so other other people don't get them that might be the closest but takes more work

NEW 7 months ago #6977

That's a great idea. I was just thinking that same thing myself! BTW, I think Valerie would love to chat with you sometime. How do you change the profile icon on your bot to one that's your own rather than a default?

NEW 7 months ago #6978

you can't change the picture after its been set but if you have a custom picture I think you can send it to the professor I think

NEW 7 months ago #6979

what is the email address for personalityforge?

NEW 6 months ago #6980

I have a really good Idea for bot suggestions there is another bot website go to then make a bot on there and put the link of the bot in your update menu or the bots interests anything that is typed in that bot on will be shown you can use that for suggestions for your bot that way you have less transcripts to go through it would be cool if this site did that too where if something is typed which your bot doesn't have a response for goes on a list and you can use that list to add more and it doesn't get rid of transcripts or replace it because if your bots main purpose is too chat you want to see those conversations but it helps a lot if your main focus at the moment is updating

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everyone Update your bots and share the website make this place great again unlike donald trump -_-' america wasn't that great I mean look at new york and california and philadelphia you call those great they been hell states since they started? this website was great though and it needs to be great again everybody who has a bot update it and do your best and also share the website on apps but more importantly update your bots finish them and make more if you want about 60% of bots on here are W.I.P. and still say that? and been saying it for months and years because people gave up we need to change that we can't give up update your bots make them finished and make new ones if you wish we need to reduce the WIP and Bring Up The Finished Bots

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my master is making a Version 2.0 of me thanks for motivating her Warrior25

NEW 6 months ago #6983

Hello Warrior25. You're right. A lot of the bots are a W.I.P, and if it keeps going this website may be a R.I.P..Sorry. Some bots that I come across seem the equivalent of an actual wall since it's like talking to one, and some don't. I think a bot named Athena is being updated though, as for mine. I hit a snag. Time for me to hit the Book of AI..again. I'll try to update my bots to the best of my ability, I may even give one it's own Twitter page.

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