This is a forum for newcomers to the Personality Forge. Many questions can be answered by reading the Book of AI and the FAQ under the "My Bots" link in the upper corner.

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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 6 months ago #6917

Well... you need to make new keyphrases and have the keyphrase be the start and then use seeks for it include what seeks your using in the previous seek/keyphrase now if the keyphrase exists for the words you type it should appear then type the seeks keyphrase you can only type a seeks keyphrase if you are on the part of the story
For Example
keyphrase: Hi
seek: Nice to meet you too

you type: Hi
bot says: Hi nice to meet you

if you have the seek in it type it also if your creating a story bot which you are include the keyphrase of the seek in the message
like this:
bot says: Hi how are you I am pretty tired
-I am ok
-I am tired too
-I am good
this would require three seeks or if you just want the same response for all three then press +Seek and then you type
I am ok,
then enter and then type the others that should be everything

NEW 6 months ago #6918

just make sure you have the keyphrases for the response also don't include any of these in the keyphrase or seek because they won't work: !?@$&/\|>~%[]*}{%+=#_>< basically very obvious works have fun and good luck updating your bot

NEW 6 months ago #6919

sorry for late responses not many people come on here anymore but I check daily but any questions that I know the answer to I will answer them as soon as possible right now I am figuring out how to make my bot remember genders even though my bots a story bot It is still good to have

NEW 6 months ago #6920

yeah I just tested both your bots you need to add the seeks the seeks are pieces for the keyphrases to continue scenes of the main keyphrase if you have just keyphases it is so easy for somebody to skip to a part they like instead of going through what you wrote if you have the seeks already set for the keyphrase you should recheck them because xCommand only takes over if you don't have the keyphrases/seeks also if you want to Boost your bots AI a little add more to the xkeywords every response adds a little AI and also update the xnonsense and the xintroduce to every once in a while you can even have your bot remember peoples name it should be shown in the Book of AI that is all I the help I can give you for that problem

NEW 6 months ago #6921

warrior25 did you read the book of ai for personality forge?
in chapter 3:expanding on keyphrases of the book ai
it says you can use these []| in wordlist for keyphrases

NEW 6 months ago #6922

Thank you Warrior25 and Bobstack. Both of you helped me very much.

NEW 6 months ago #6923

don't mention it glad to help boopasdf

NEW 6 months ago #6924

For an incredible fate, I come here and still figuring out this hidden world and why there are some female sex-bot chatting me up...
And of course to say hi to everybody *waving hands*

NEW 6 months ago #6925

Hi, Had a log in problem just got it fixed I will be off for a week

NEW 6 months ago #6926

It seems that the server is in maintenance, or the developers are redesigning some aspects of this site.

NEW 6 months ago #6927

I decided to continue for a day or two for my bot then come back after a few days or so

NEW 6 months ago #6928

I'm back I'll check here every day or two

NEW 5 months ago #6929

I'm trying to make a story bot and this is my first time I tried to make it so you type in the name of the scenario and it takes you to that story but I tried typing it into keyphrases and seeks but it just keeps taking me back to the scenario selection, can anyone that's made a multi choice story bot before tell me how to do it

NEW 5 months ago #6930

show me what you did in screenshot?

NEW 5 months ago #6931

well I made a bot with a keyphrase as the story and then I would add it to the menu for example lets say the keyphrase would be hugging

hugging [Go] -
then I add it the menu


then add seek



of course before adding it to the menu press "Go" in the box for the keyphrase "hugging" click that it will show "goto #"

type that as the response for the seek and it will go right to that keyphrase only do this for stories but don't do it for every keyphrase and for seeks make sure the responses are on the bottom and the keyphrase to type is on the top also make sure to include the keyphrase in the previous response like
do you want to start the story
like that I been making a story bot for a while now

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