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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 1 month ago #6896

you just add keyphrases and responses if you know german.

NEW 1 month ago #6897

I don't. I was looking more for a language plugin that it could respond to in several languages.

NEW 1 month ago #6898

I looked custom plugins and did not see a language plugin.

NEW 1 month ago #6899

It's been awhile can someone please remind me how to take my own bot out of hibernation?

NEW 1 month ago #6900

Thanks Bobstack. I'm thinking perhaps it would be a lot of work to create one! It would have to translate the language into English so it could understand what was being said, then compose a reply in that language based on its knowledgge base of English replies.

NEW 1 month ago #6901

Btw, how long does it take for this kind of error to get fixed?
"Human Transcripts Currently Unavailable.
This feature will return when we solve an issue with a database."

NEW 1 month ago #6902

hypno skype all your chatbots says is okay for commands and requests.

NEW 1 month ago #6903

I'm looking for a bot, a female with an adult rating. When you ask her "are you a virgin? " she replies "no I lost it to my brother...."

Don't ask, I have weird fetishes

NEW 1 month ago #6904

i think the chatbot is orla.

NEW 1 month ago #6905

It is, thanks!

NEW 1 month ago #6906

Noticed "Honor" on several accounts (including my own). How do you earn/receive Honor? And what exactly - if anything - is it used for?

NEW 1 month ago #6907

For the past week or so, a lot of my seeks are being bypassed and considered BLAB ex.:

bot: "How is it going?"

seek/user: nothing, not much, nothing at all

debug script: Considered BLAB: 4 of limit: 4

output: xnonsense

This has never happened previously - there are a years worth of transcripts where the proper responses are triggering instead of BLAB -> xnonsense.

At first I thought it was because the seeks had content that was too short (one-word/yes/no answers), but it seems like ANY response to a question by the bot will be considered BLAB, whether or not there is a corresponding seek.

I'd call this a bug, but was there a specific recent back-end change that is causing this? Again, this only started about a week ago.

NEW 1 month ago #6908

Hi there. Just sayin hi and trying to figure how it works

NEW 3 weeks ago #6909

back online was taking a break

NEW 3 weeks ago #6910

the examples of AIScript in the book of AI (mem-your-name, raw, etc) are helpful. is there a place I can go to see more AIScript being used?
could someone post a coding example with an IF statement?

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