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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 6 months ago #6872

i chating with urt

NEW 6 months ago #6873


NEW 6 months ago #6874

you can ask her for typing I want a then typing what you want to eat.that is far as I got.i am starting over on lovedroids.

NEW 6 months ago #6875

you can go to the browse section to find urt on lovedroids .com the chatbot.i am still working on her.

NEW 6 months ago #6876

I meant you can go to the browse webpage of to find
urt the chatbot.i am still working on her be patient.

NEW 6 months ago #6877

I added something for people to flirt with urt on

NEW 6 months ago #6878

did anybody try urt on love droids yet she is on the browse webpage.She will respond to keyphrases on that websight.

Urt acts up a lot on personality forge.I am tired of fixing her over and over again here.

NEW 6 months ago #6879

This Bot does not allow anonymous access

NEW 6 months ago #6880

you need to sign up on love droids websight to get access to urt.that is the way I have it setup.

NEW 6 months ago #6881

How do I give a chat bot a specific line for a specific chat bot?

NEW 6 months ago #6882

put the name of the chatbot in the keyphrase.

NEW 6 months ago #6883

can any get into botlibre websight because the websights webpage
continously load.

NEW 6 months ago #6884

How can you make a chatbot

NEW 6 months ago #6885

on personality forge or the love droids websight walmanzar.

NEW 6 months ago #6886

sorry if this comes out as a double post but the forum system isn't very organized and i am new sort of. anyway my question is if someone chats with a bot. can the owner of the bot read the whole conversation ?

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